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 We are planning a trip to True West Campground Thanksgiving week. I was just wondering who has camped and rode out from here and what you thought about it?

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I have been there many times and love it, in fact hoping to go in November.  I have not been there with the new owners but have spoke with them and had friends who have been there and loved them. It is a great facility and centrally located. If you have never been to BSF you are in for a real treat, incredible trails and scenery.
Hi Duane, we have been to True West once and plan to never go back. If you don't mind riding near houses and miles of flat sandy trails to get to the good trails you might like it. The stables are up a hill from camp and at the time we went,no horses were allowed in the camp,no good parking at the barn,so many trips were made up the hill.We heard that its under new ownership, I'm happy to hear that because the last guy that had it was a total jerk.If you want to camp where you can ride right into BSF try Honey Creek or Zenith Stables. Happy trails!
I'll agree completely about the old owners, but everything I've seen and heard about the new owners has been positive.  I hope it's a complete turnaround.
I have been there two times since it has been under new ownership.  The new owners are very nice and helpful.  You can now bring your horses to your campsite to saddle if you prefer.  To get to the Cumberland Valley trail head, you cross the street and ride about one mile on a trail in an equestrian subdivision.  The barns and bath houses are very nice.
 Thank all yall for the advice on True West.  We gonna go check them out. I will be sure to post about our experience as soon as we get back.


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