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Hi, all! I need to find a reliable, safe transporter to bring my new horse from TX to WV. Are there any that you can recommend based on personal use? I appreciate it!


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I highly recommend Equine Express. They hauled my horse from Arizona to here in TN and I loved them. I had used another company to take him to Arizona when I first moved there and was going to use them to bring him back when I moved back. They kept having trailer problems, and they had trailer issues the first time. I called all the major companies and Equine Express had the most reasonable rates and my horse got here from AZ really fast with only 1 day lay over. They have a lay over area outside of Dallas TX so they haul out of TX a lot. I thought the drivers were super nice and my horse felt like a Ky Derby winner riding in style........lol. Check out their web site www.equineexpress.com Also, the man I dealt with on the phone was very very nice.
Thanks! I'll look them up. It's always nice to have a personal recommendation. I wish I had been on the mb's when I had a horse hauled from western Ky to here a few years ago. When she showed up she was severely dehydrated, and covered in rain rot from ear to tail. What should have taken 12 hrs ended up being 3 days and for 11 hours the horses were just standing in the heat on the trailer in mid July due to an accident on the highway. He made two unscheduled pickups and she went from KY to GA back to TN and finally to WV. I just about died when she stepped off the trailer. She looked nothing like she did the previous week when I went down to see her.
Hi, I just purchased a DraftX from SC in Feb , i actually first saw him on Equine.com web site, they have a new feature called U-Ship and they will give you different bids from different haulers linked initially by Zip Code from and to etc, you can get testimonials and see pictures of their rigs etc, i used the service and was very happy with how it all came together also the pricing was very reasonable, my horse arrived in great shape (only him on the Trailer) and the driver who owned several TN walkers (so he knew horses) kept in touch with me all the way, he was delivered at 4.30am bright eyed and ready to rumble !!! - i would definately use the service again
I highly reccomend Pro-ride transport http://www.proridetransport.com Staci & Keith have shipped alot of horses for us, they are coming back from CA this week coming to my place to pick up a horse up going to Eastern Kentucky for a customer of mine, they are very good & have good rates. Give them a call.
I recommend Rockin H Transport. You can go to his website https://rockinhtransport.com/
and read all about him and his services. He is an individual that transports and does a great job, if you decide on him tell him slipslider recommended him to you.
Do NOT use broken horne equine shipping. They left my horse in CA, and cashed the $1200 check, they did finally return it and it bounced!
I had a good experience with Equine express.
Thanks, everyone! There is still the chance I might be able to meet my friend in KY and pick up my new girl. But, in case that doesn't happen, it's good to have a backup. I also got on uship.com and have a couple offers at the moment. Ya'll have been very helpful!

BTW - I love this site! Everyone here is so friendly, helpful, and fun! I sure hope I get to meet you all one day and ride. We'll be at Saddle Valley Campground the last week in June if anyone wants to get together.
I transport horses
and have refernces
jim&nancy Nothstein
are members on here they also hoist St.Jude trailride
www.calicojunctionmuleranch.com for info
their email address is mulesnme@yahoo.com
or jims number is 615-268-6269
plus more if you would like to check my past hauls
i've hauled from texas to virginia
virginia to tenn
ind to tenn
little rock ark to tenn
i have a 97 3500 dodge daully 4by 4
4 horse slant sundower trail
full coverage ins on both
hope to hear from you soon
i'm Tracy DeMoe @ 615-578-0318
at runninwildfarm@att.net
Contact Ron Eldridge on the members site here. He may be able to help.
Blessings, Linda


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