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Hi Everyone;

I know this is a "Tennessee" group but I am looking for some help with getting a rescued horse here to Tn from Colorado.

I don't know for sure yet if this will even happen but I want to have some kind of plan in place if it does.

The horse is an 11 yr old quarter/clyde that has been neglected for several YEARS. Animal control is now involved and Colorado Brand Inspector soon will be. The horse will first have to be removed from the property and then be seen by a vet and get proper paperwork in order before he could leave the state. I don't yet have a time frame for this.

 I do not have the proper equipment to haul this horse myself. I have contacted one shipper for an estimate as well as a volunteer place called "Equine Railroad"

Would like to get some suggestions from folks here.



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I know someone who had a BAD experience with James Parlier out of NC so DONOT USE HIM!!!


What part of Colorado?  I used to live on the Western Slope in the Glennwood Springs-Rifle area.  I am self-employed and currently not really doing anything at this time.  I live just south of the Nashville area and would possibly like to help you move this horse.  Please contact my cell and lets see what the timeline could possibly be and what my charges will be.  I am really sure you will like how I charge for hauling for folks.  



Hello David;

Thank you for the reply.

The horse is in Golden Colo. If and when he is removed from the property

he will still be in Golden. I do not have a time frame yet and I am not even sure

if it will really happen but I want to have something in place and ready if it does.

I live in Charlotte tn near Dickson.




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