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Where are they? I just found a job in Smyrna and I have an hour drive North (West) on I24.. I am now living in Hillsboro near the Airforce base.  But, I see a move in the future.  would like to find a place that I can just hop on and go!!


thought who better to ask than you all to keep your eyes and ears open for me.

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Will do Linda and Jessica......Is Watertown a fairly large town?
If you know the addresses of the properties you see for sale.. (if it's not to much trouble) let me know and maybe what realtor has the listing... or for sale by owner.

We like out and about too, we lived in a national forest in Ohio and 1.5 hrs from the nearest mall.

OK, I'm so ready to start looking.. so anyone see a place (not glamous or anything) just comfortable looking and horse friendly.. let me know and especially if you can ride out the back or front door. :)

thanks for being my eyes and ears.



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