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Does anyone ride in or around Hickman co? Going to be camping up this way some and would like to trail ride when I come up for the weekend some. Thank you Happy Trails!!!!!

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I ride in Laurel Hill Park, just to the south of Hickman County. It is 15,000 acres and beautiful. I can ride on weekends,

I do, where will you be camping?

We have a cabin at hidden vally lakes.

can you ride there?

They say people that have lots out there come and ride. But I have not seen anyone yet. But there are miles of dirt road can ride on.

I don't know of any trails nearby, Natchez Trace trail is not far either to Hwy 50 or Hwy 7 trailhead. Hwy 7 to Garrison Creek is generally not as slick/muddy and doesn't have gates  to open/close.

The dirt roads out there would be fun!

Hi Tiffany,

There are a few places to ride near Hickman County depending on how close to Hickman County you want to be. There is Many Cedars that is in Lewis County about 25 miles from Hickman County. There is Bucksnort Trail Ride off of I40 between Centerville and Dickson. There is Buffalo River Trail Ride in Waynesboro about an hour from Hickman County (pulling a trailer). There is Natchez Trace off Hwy 50 and also off of Hwy 20 going toward Summertown. Laurel Hill is near Lawrenceburg over an hour from Hickman county.

Hopefully that will help. Good luck and happy trails!

Thank you


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Cheers and happy trails!

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