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please if anyone out there has had this happen or has any advice on what to do please post. i have a 9 year old twh. I have had him for six years and he has loaded on any and every trailer on any side stock bumper pull etc and hardly ever moved. in oct 2012 we were coming home from bsf loaded him up fine with no problem but then once he was loaded he started leaning like he was trying to lay down and he was okay on the way home but still could feel him leaning every now and then. went riding in nov and jan same thing. went this weekend to bsf same thing on the way there. when we started to leave yesterday went to put him on the other side so he could pop the emergency door open like he did on the way there. we had a very hard time getting him to load on that side. please post if you have had this problem or have any suggestions



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