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Some friends and I will be coming to mcminnville some time in July and would like to ride in the mountains area where it will be cooler. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to ride in this area? If so, please contact me at glparham@mindspring.com.

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there aren't any managed/maintained  trails that I know of in the area but there are plenty of places that can be rode,  just gotta know where to go.     One of the good areas nearby is short mountain between McMinnville and Woodbury.     http://warrencountysaddleclub.wetpaint.com/  hasn't been updated in awhile but might find someone there to get info from.

Thanks Reuben. Appreciate the info!

As ReubenT said, there aren't any managed trails on Ben Lomand or Harrison Ferry mountains. However, there is one access point that I know of to Ben Lomand that's public. The trailhead is marked but after that you're on your own; you could temporarily mark your route or just use the "stay left" or "stay right" technique. The access point is approx. five miles or so from the city of McMinnville on Hwy 108. I would consider the trails intermediate, but I'm not the most confident person on the trail.  There is parking for approx. seven or eight horse trailers near the access point, so you could have trouble if you get there and it's full.  Short Mountain, near Woodbury, has better parking. Other than that, I don't know that much about Short Mtn.

Thanks Vicki! I appreciate your input. I have a cabin up there about ten minutes from Wal-Mart so I want to take the horses and ride up there, but I don't have a clue about where to go.

Well, that's cool. If you need better directions, just email me back. Or, if you wanna ride sometime, my girlfriends and I are able to find time to ride every once in a blue moon (it seems!). We ride gaited horses.


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