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Does anyone know of coon dogs being trail companions? I am trying to find someone who breeds blueticks in TN. Anyone know where to find one, and do they make trail partners. I don't want ANY herding dog. I have had plenty, and want a hound now.

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Julie hounds are bred to hunt. I would think that taking a blue tick hound on a trailride would be like taking a Beagle. The first time they smelled a "hot" scent, they would probably be gone.. Just my opinion.

I agree with Virg. Any scent hound is going to follow his nose. I have three dogs who stay with me on the trails, and they're all mutts!
Hey Julie, I have to agree with Virg and Robin...a hound dog is going to be gone like a shot at the first interesting scent he gets. This could be catastrophic if he takes off (baying his head off as well!) and shoots through some horse's legs, or just past them. I don't know of any organized trail riding facility that allows dogs on the trails...for good reason. It is a safety issue. Even though your horse may be fine with dogs running around his legs, sniffing him, etc. some people's horses are not used to this and could spook or shy, which is dangerous for the horse and rider, or even kick or paw, dangerous to the dog. I have an 80 lb chesapeake bay retriever that I take with me when I go overnight trailriding, but when I am on the trail, she is in my tent or the horse trailer. I would love to let go with me on trails, but it is just not worth the chance that someone might get hurt.
I have had blue tick that I got as a pup and carryed her with me on the trail when she got big enought to go.
They are not trail dogs. The best trail dog I ever had was a Cur called HANK. I traded the blue tick for another
Cur pup. I dont sell Curs but if you want a dog that will work in close to you I like them. Tuff is in one of my pictures. I will be happy to let you know where I got him.
Jimmy Pretty Hollow Stables
Ok, thanks for your advice. So what about getting a hound for home? Lol. I have a dog that goes with me now, but on big rides I leave him at home. Roscoe is a belgian malinois, what a great dog. He needs a buddy. When I divorced, his rotty friend stayed with my ex, and he has been down since. He is ok when he is going with us, but when left alone he frets.
I have always loved hound breeds, and really would like to find a buddy for Roscoe once we get settled into our new place.


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