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Timber Ridge Horse Campground rated 2nd highest Five-Star facility out of 800 campgrounds!!!

Timber Ridge Horse Campground has acheived the 2nd highest 5 star rating out of over 800 horse campgrounds. Timber Ridge Horse Campground is the NUMBER ONE 5 star campground in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. Some campgrounds have claimed to be the only number one 5 star in this area but in truth there are seven 5 star campgronds in the Big South Fork area and Timber Ridge is truly the number one!!! Go to www.horsetraildirectory.com to view the 2009 5 star results!!!!

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Congratulations, Timber Ridge Campground, Lee and Dee. Your hard work has definitly paid off.
Good Job !
Fantastic! Congratulations to everyone at Timber Ridge...a well deserved award I am sure. What are your winter hours?
Thank You! We are open year round!!! We are continuing to make improvements and would love to have you visit us.
I have always thought Timber Ridge was one of the better set up's, as far as horse camps go! Everything is so convenient in location to your campsite. I think it was designed by Trailriders for Trailriders!!!! I would really like to see it now that it's been refurbished, I can only imagine how nice it must be!!! I'll try to plan on a trip up there this year to check it out! I'm a Timber Ridge Fan!!! Congrats on your 5 star rating...ya'll deserve it! Audrey
Congratulations Dee and Lee! We love staying at your campground. Trail riders this is a great place to stay in the Big South Fork area. There are lots of nice trails directly out of camp. The campground also now has a trailer so that you can also trailer out to other trailheads in the park. Lots of great riding.

Also the common area facilities and shower rooms are fantastic. In the common area, there is a big screen TV and couchs to kick back on after a long ride. Keep up the good work guys!
My husband and I loved this place! It was our first trip to E. TN and Lee and Dee were great! They bend over backwards to make your stay a great one. We will be back as soon as possible!


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