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HOWDY ALL...i hope you enjoy my 'music for horse lovers' these are just a few. i have 3 cd's out in the world now and it is too cool to have combined by 2 joys...horses and music !
i have been in music biz in Nashville for 30 years now. wow. that means i moved here when i was 10. (ha) or was that leanne rimes ? hummm
if ya like what cha hear, they have some at the Cowboy Store...otherwise order from web...it is easy. i hope to ride with some of ya'll someday. Used to do ALL the big trail rides for years, now do more Natural Horsemanship stuff at my ranch in the Fairview area...but love it all.
stay warm !! Gotta Go Feed !

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Hi Mary Ann, I am so ordering your cd. I'll share it with my horsey friends, They all can relate to the lyrics.
thank you for that !
like i have said..$ back gaurantee
i am one of us..so i sing about loving the horses..bet cha like it
hope so !
hope to ride down the same trail some day :)
Hey Mary Ann......so good to see and hear about you........and glad all is going well for you. this is a great site. I have rekindled a lot of old friendships.
hey old buddy..i trust life is good fer ya
my..how time flies..
but we are hard core..we LOVE our horses and that world !
maybe we will ride down the same trail soon
happy 09 !
I am gonna have to go online and look to order because I have dial up and it is way toooooooooo sllllllloooowww to listen to. What I could get downloaded was really nice.
i had dial up till last year..i know..pain
thanks for goin fer it !
we have a money back gaurantee ! :)
hpe ya enjoy..bet you will..cause i feel like you do :) here's to the horses !
I have another website for Texas Longhorn Owners/Breeders, you don't have any longhorn songs do you? ;-) They're almost as nice as horses!
hi mary
i sent another message but don't see it here just wanted to let you know love your music and will be going on your website to order cd. really love the one about the tennessee walker i have a walker and looked for over a year trying to find a natural gaited walker that hadn't had something done to him i have him now and he is awsome the most smooth gait and it is all natural.


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