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If a Tennessee competitive trail riding and obstacle course organization was formed would you join?

it would be most like a combination of ACTHA and Extreme Cowboy races..

Individual event jackpot and prizes with high point buckle series and State high point championships in each division.

what would you be willing to pay for an annual membership?
what would you be will to pay for entry fees on a competitive trail ride with prizes?
what would you be willing to pay for entry in obstacle course race with a 25% payback (top 3 places)
what divisions would you like to see (pro, non-pro, novice, youth etc)

would you prefer a Mid-South organization or just a state organization?

What would be important to you?

A group of us are interested in hearing feedback and making this an organization for members!!

We will need directors, affiliates, judges and sponsors if feedback dictates forming the organization!!

respond here or email me with your thoughts/concerns or questions!!

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That sounds like a great idea - we belong to ACTHA and really enjoy going to their rides, however, it is a state based and nationwide based competition.  The problem is that the people who live in milder climates or can travel long distances earn many more points than the average tral rider.  It would nice to have a more "local" group.  We would be willing to pay a membership and ride fees.  I know the organization will need some monies to operate and the local venues go through a lot of work and trouble putting on rides.  Keep us posted!!

great timing on the reply Sherry & Michael!!!

We are ACTHA affiliates, and in the past few months they have made some very good changes to the affiliate program which has us re-looking.. We are still talking with others for a TN organization but it is a daunting task to make an good organization of this size..

So in the mean-time we have an ACTHA 6 ride buckle series coming to middle/west TN this fall!

there will also be a 3 ride buckle series extreme horsemanship race in conjunction with them

these rides/races will be in Lobelville, TN
will be announcing dates, locations and sign up information in the next few days..

the first ride is Sept 14-16th 2 ACTHA rides and 1 extreme horsemanship race..
plus pushball team sport
trail clinic
and more!!


Sounds like a lot of fun.  Please keep us posted.

if you are on facebook we have created a group page

and for those not on fb, we have a website that is currently under construction

We will be updating events on a regular basis - competitive trail rides, extreme horsemanship obstacle challenges, push ball, clinics and schooling challenges.

hope to see everyone checking out our online presence and see you at the events!!

I would join.  I would like to see a set of rules and a standardized set of obstacles like ACTHA and the Extreme cowboy organizations have. Not that I am against a few surprises, but I wouldn't want to haul 3 hours and pay an entry fee to find out I would be required to do something I am physically incapable of(such as crawling through a narrow tube)  I also think there should be divisions.  I think youth, novice, nonpro and pro would be good. I wouldn't mind a legends division (over 55).  I would pay a reasonable membership fee and entry fees with paybacks would be cool. 

Me too

non-pro cause that is what we are, not well breed but just a horse.  I not joined Actha cause they like to pull on ropes with a log. Too bad I didn't keep him use to that. I like to try but that is not what I want to do. Or walk over a tarp. If it's on a trail for real then we walk over it. I been to Mount Eagle trails and they had thick tarp in water fall to keep it from getting pushed out by horses feet. It may scared the horse and they horse had to be lead over but manage to get over it.  If you got to get off do that, not count against you the thought is be able to get throught the trail.  Nothing else matters just finish the task.

Seprate the age of the horse or riders. I ma be older but the horse is older than most.



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