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Samson is a neutered, 1 1/2 year old male and UTD on all shots and heartworm preventive. I have moved from the country and he is not happy in a small yard. He is used to horses and would be great with kids. He is beautiful, with one brown and one blue eye. Also, fully housebroken.

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Trying to see the pic, do you have a pic of the dog and how tall. I live in an apt, but go to a huge farm all the time with my horses. Need a good companion dog that is not too large, but not a chaser.
Hi Susan,

Samson is fairly large, so I don't think he would be suitable for an apt. Also, he sheds a lot. I think he weighs about 70 pounds, just guessing. So far two people have shown interest, but neither panned out. He is doing better it seems, so I may just keep him, although I do think he would be happiest on a farm.

Thanks so much,
I live outside of Louisville, Ky and just had to put my 17 year old Aussie down. My other dog was put down last year. Now I have a Jack Russel left and he is lonley. Cats don't seem to fill the bill for him. I am on 6 acres and the dogs have the run of the place but are on the Invisible fence so they can not get in the road. Where are you located?
Hi Betty,

I just moved from Elkton, TN, right on the TN/AL state line, to Huntsville, AL. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I just went through the same thing with my old girl. It's really tough.



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