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Rode at Sulphur Creek in Elkmont on Friday! Great DAY! Knew pink trail was a little unnerving. Has a really bad hill on it! Tried to go up, most of the riders had to get off and let the horses go on up. Too STEEP for me!!! Great place to ride!

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Janet, I agree with you - the hill could be dangerous. I rode up it and wished I had not. Another experienced trail riding couple had encountered it several weeks ago and said they would never attempt it again.  Also, on Friday met up with several men riders, who advised someone could get seriously hurt.  In fact two men came off their horses in trying to get up.  Sulphur Creek is a wonderful place to ride and that particular trail is gorgeous - just wish a better way to get up to next level could be made. 


Guess I know of several people who have gotten seriously hurt (one killed) on something very steep with loose and slippery footing, so I try to be more cautious. 

I walked up!! I went and see War Horse Christmas night. I will never put my horse through something like that. That hill needs some switchbacks or something. We don't want anyone getting hurt. They may close it down!!! My horse done great going up, but I was way to nervous about going up it!!! I hope to go back up on Saturday! It is a great place to ride! God Bless, Happy Trails!

Can you tell me where the trail head is for  Sulphur Creek? It sounds like a great place and I would like to try it.Suzie in Petersburg.

If you come from 65 North take a left over interstate follow that road until you come to the town of Elkmont take a left at stop sign. I'm not good with the names of the roads. Go to the end of that road and take a left. There will be a store on your left. You will go about a mile and you'll go over a bridge the first dirt drive is the trail head, or campground. You will need to call Jerry Adams before you go he will have to let you in unless you join up first. His number is 256-278-0265

I may be riding there on Tuesday with a friend. Call Jerry and ask if you can come with us.

I would love too! But, I have to work!!!! :( I think we may try to go on Saturday, if it doesn't rain. Have fun!

Diane and Janet.......I agree.  I think too much of my horse for this trail!  Sulphur Creek is beautiful but this section of the pink trail is waaay too much for my nerves! ; ) 


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