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Hi All. I am looking for any suggestions anyone might have for a horse I have that is losing weight. He is a 6 year old, on a regular worming schedule and seems to be eating and drinking just fine. He is in good health other than the weight loss. He just had his teeth floated this spring. He is in the pasture, but each of the other horses in that same area is just fine. I spoke with my vet and he suggested I worm for Tape Worms, and then come back 3 days later with another wormer, then let's see if we have a change. I have been told his gums also look pale, but he seems to be drinking water just fine. I honestly am at a loss and if anyone can give me any insight I am certainly open to hear it! Thanks!

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Thank you all so much again! I cannot even tell you how much I enjoy the support of this board. After two more wormings and increasing feed, there was still no significant change, so I had the vet out today. He has pulled blood and is also doing a fecal, so we shall see. I will keep you all posted, but thank you all so much for the information you gave!
One thing I noticed is that you posted this on Sept 26 and about 2 weeks later you were still concerned since you had wormed & increased your horses feed. I just want to say this, and of course you know your horse better than we do, they don't gain weight overnight however and right now I have an older one that just came out of FL and he was pretty underweight. He's been here since Aug. 21 and I've put 30 lbs on him, so it's a slow process. He needs that much more. Also my younger horse (who's still growing big time), same thing, he will get thin then I up his feed and give him a weight builder product and it takes about a month to really start seeing the effects. Patience may be a good thing, and worming and increasing the feed will take a little time to see the effects of.
How tall is he? If he just in pasture with lots of space to move around he may not be getting enough roughage. He is a growing boy, 6 yr old horses are still growing. Young horses burn up grass real fast. So you might have to give him some thing else beside grass. Hay for subtain him, Check with your feed stores and see what could help. I have a 18-19 yr horse he is an easy keeper and I hay and grain and I have no grass, not much any way. I am on half an acrea. I remeber giving him, Source and Grow colt when he was young. But if you don't have alot grass, you may have to start giving him hay 2 flakes a day or more at feeding. Cut it in half if you feed 3 times a day. I got a friend that does that. Purina said 3 times. Co-op said differnt. and they too can help you out.


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