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Hi All. I am looking for any suggestions anyone might have for a horse I have that is losing weight. He is a 6 year old, on a regular worming schedule and seems to be eating and drinking just fine. He is in good health other than the weight loss. He just had his teeth floated this spring. He is in the pasture, but each of the other horses in that same area is just fine. I spoke with my vet and he suggested I worm for Tape Worms, and then come back 3 days later with another wormer, then let's see if we have a change. I have been told his gums also look pale, but he seems to be drinking water just fine. I honestly am at a loss and if anyone can give me any insight I am certainly open to hear it! Thanks!

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I have been through this. Some times one horse will be impacted with worms. I would give him a Power Pack wormer and see how he was doing in a couple of weeks. Then give a tube of probiotics to add back the good stuff the wormer killed. I also had one that it was a urinary infection and when we cleared that up he gained weight. Some can also have ulcers and need a special medication. Unfortunately I had one that had cancer and passed away. Don't go to that place in your mind but know that sometimes we can do everything right and it just does not work. Start with the most common problem that is easiest to treat. That is what your vet is doing.
Blessings, Linda
Have your vet do bloodwork and a fecal egg count.
I might can give some Ideas. Like Red Cell is a liquid and weight builder I know someone who had used it on their horse with the same problem. Have you tried any of the products on weight building. I think Farnam and ? I can't think of the other. Do you rotate your wormer. I usually use Zimectrin and rotate with safeguard, sometimes I use strongid and equimectrin. I hope I was able to help you. Good Luck
You said you had his teeth floated in the Spring, my suggestion is have a vet check his teeth again. He could have something going on now that wasn't apparent in the Spring, a loose tooth or something causing pain. Like the others I would think worms, an ulcer for sure as I've had a horse with an ulcer in the past, but when that occurred the horse went off it's feed. If you hear a lot of gut noises when you put your ear to the horses stomach it's abnormal, some are normal, too many - not good.
Did this horse drop off all of a sudden? If so can you tell if he is haveing loose bowel movements? Should be able to tell by his back legs and tail. Like Linda said we need to consider all the possiblities without panic. My horse lost down within a week from fat & sassy to seeing ribs and hip bones. All the others in pasture were fine he had patomic fever( spelling most likely wrong) . He also did not make it. Get the vet out and do Blood work and fecal. It will pay off in long run and may save your horses life.
Hi, I agree with Linda. I was boarding a horse last year, I had him here for over a year. Then last spring, he started losing weight, I wormed him and wormed him. Threw everythng that you could buy at your local Co-Op, TSC and he still would not gain weight. I talked to my vet and recommended giving him a Panacur Power Pac...Half of a tube in the morning and half at night for 5 days...All I can say is WOW!!! it wasn't a week you could see the difference... With the wet Spring and Summer we have had, I have wormed both of my horses on a monthly basis.
I do no use a daily wormer!!! I don't care to keep putting poison in my horses, only when I have to. It is very unhealthly in my opinion...BUT that's just me. My horses are part of my family, not just an animal!! Greg
Hi Again All. Thank you all so much for all your words of wisdom! Just to give a little more information, my horse is on a regular 6 week worming schedule with the swapping of wormers, but I have not tried the Power Pack a couple of you suggested. I think I will be ordering that TODAY! He is still more than willing to eat and does not have any loose stool at all. He seems to also have normal gut sounds and his temperatire is normal. And the weight seems to have come off pretty quickly, within the last month or so, although we took him on an overnight ride and comparing him to the other horses is when the difference was really noticeable. And his gums still seem to be pale, although I know he is drinking. With all these things to consider, I guess that is why the vet is taking a wait and see approach. I am definitely going to try that wormer and I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your help!
try adding one cup of beat pulp soaked in water with his feed. Great to put weight back on
When my horses start to lose, I think about their diets first. Have you recently changed feeds? Are you feeding enough forage? Forage is the #1 weight gainer for horses. You were certainly right to worm him, and I think that one of those power packs sounds like a good idea.
Do you feed any supplements? Sometimes it is hard for horses to digest food and other nutrients if there is an imbalance in their general nutrition. I use a multivitamin called Accel (which is awesome- it has vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and a calming ingredient).
You say that his gums are too light, which suggests to me that he may have low levels of iron. Red Cell (which is a blood builder and not weight builder) might help with that.
If none of the things suggested here seem to help, I'd definitely ask the vet to test for ulcers.
My horse has also lost weight recently, when all the others were fine. I carried her to the vet and he said she had ulcers. He floated her teeth while she was there. She had been eating normal and no unusual gut noises. I brought back to the barn and have been feeding her 14% sweet feed from co-op that we buy in bulk, the medication the vet put her on along with vitamins he gave her and I put 1-cup of corn oil on her feed in the morning & at night. It has only been a couple weeks and she is gaining weight back good enought hat you can look at her and tell. I here that the power pack wormers like panacur really help a lot also!
Recently ,I talked to some horse friends and their horses started to lose weight ,and they were wormed regularly. The vet said it was blood worms and suggested quest plus and the worst horse got a seven day panacur pak.I've never heard of bloodworms, but now I will be looking out for them in case my horses start to lose unexplained weight. Is your horses gut swollen? I hope everything will be ok for your horses,good -luck!!! Audrey
I had heard someone mention bloodworms also, I had never heard of them and looked it up. Bloodworms are another name for strongyles. THE LARVAL STAGES of this nasty worm migrate through the arteries of the intestines and cause major problems.
I also read that it's thought that a warm, wet fall will increase the number of infective small strongyles and, therefore, increase the overall worm burden. It is also thought that a severe winter following a warm, wet fall will trigger arrested cyst development. It makes them resistant to wormer.
Gotta love Google


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