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Can anyone tell me where to park and unload to at Stones River in Murfreesboro?
I have heard that it is not the most fantastic place to ride, but I am just looking for somewhere close to home where I can at least go through the motions (loading, trailering, unloading, etc). I have never taken my horses away from home before and would like to do a few "test runs" somewhere close to home before venturing out further.

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You can park at the bridge at Walter Hill, but the trailhead is a little difficult to find if you don't know where it is.The best thing for you to do is, if you are coming from Murfreesboro, you turn left at the last road just before you cross the bridge at Walter Hill (I'm sorry, I don't know the name of the road). You go up that road just a little bit and take the first road on your right. That road will take you to the East Fork Recreation area. You turn right into it and you will see a parking area for horse and boat trailers on your right. The trail goes both ways from there, to the right takes you toward Murfreesboro at Walter Hill. Toward the left takes you to Nice's Mill in Smyrna. Either way, you have to turn around and back track. There is no loop. It's not a bad trail at all. It follows the river most of the time. It has some muddy areas, but the majority of the trail is very nice and shaded. Nothing difficult either.
central valley road? that's the one going left, For some reason I was thinking the parking was on the other side of 231, but that may have been for other recreationalists. I havn't actually stopped there and looked around.
Ok I was just there to see what it looked like, the small not really level parking area at the bridge on 231 is the end of the trail, but that's not the usual horse trail parking. (although there's no signs saying not to, it does say the gate is closed from a hour before dark till daylight.) The trail departs from a little gap in the guard rail at the gravel parking spot heading down under the bridge. The active horse trail parking is down central valley road 5.6 mi (several sharp corners, and at 1 mile it turns right with what looks like the main road going strait ahead, but there's an east fork picnic area sign there) just after where it crosses Interstate 840 at east fork recreation area. Someone there told me it's a 2.5 hr ride round trip back to hy 231 and a 4-5 hr ride the other way.
Great information! Thanks for the leg work. I think I will go there as soon as I get my horses to load better. I don't want to go somewhere and have a big struggle getting them into the trailer.
Thanks again,
You CAN park right there at on 231 BEFORE you go through the gate. That way, you can ride past dark. We have always parked there. But I heard the the new concrete path under the bridge (where the trail starts) had washed out. So we haven't been this year. I have been meaning to go by there before work one day, but I never think to! My husband and I have always liked that side better than going down to the boat ramp. It really DOES get muddy, though. Some places it's hock deep even days after a rain. But it's a great place in the summer because of the river. Always access to cool down and get the horses a drink.
Directions: From Murfreesboro take Hwy. 840 east (toward Lebanon) and exit a #57,
Sulphur Springs Rd. Turn west (left) on Sulphur Springs and go seven tenths of a mile
and turn right on Buckeye Valley. Travel three miles to the East Fork Recreational
Area and proceed to the parking area.
4hour ride or 8 hours. If you like to find more trail rides with clubs here is one that is out of Murfreesboro, Pleasure Walking Horses of Tenn. or www.pwhat.com is where I found the directions. and other places to ride. Lucy


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