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Does anyone know of any horse campgrounds on the TN side of the Natchez Trace? I'm considering a day ride there but live two+ hours away and might like to camp nearby instead, but I'm not sure what's around there.

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The only place I know about is Namaste acres barn bed and breakfast.

I've heard there is one but would like to find out too so I could camp

Look up Many Cedars campground. It's just off the Natchez Trace in Howenwald, Tn. I don't know exactly how far you are from there....but I live in Cannon County and it's SOOOOOOO worth the drive! It takes me 2 hours....they recently got their original management back, and I'm going July 4th weekend...can't wait!!!!

I checked out the Many Cedars website. Looks like it'd be perfect and not very expensive at all! Which trails do you ride there? Since my first post about this topic, I rode at the Garrison Creek trailhead and it was nice. What other trails are in good shape?



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