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Does anyone know of private stables and/or campgrounds in the Cosby/Newport TN area? I am wanting to ride the East and Northeast side of the Smokies. I have tried calling Cosby Ranch but no one answers the phone. Thanks

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Do you have your own horse, or are you planning to rent a horse? 

We have our own. I would love to find a place I can park my LQ trailer and stable my two horses. I haven't had much luck there, so I thought I would look for somewhere I can put my horses, then find a campground nearby for the trailer. Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

I have a call in to a man that has a farm in Kodak which is a bit west of Cosby. He used to do overnight/weekly stabling for folks that were traveling. Once he returns my call, I will let you know if his barn is an option and if so, will provide you with his contact info. 

I looked in the Tennessee Trail Guide, and there is a place in Cosby, but it is a B&B and Cabins (maybe they'd let you stay there in a self-conted LQ).  Says there are paddocks available for overnight stays.  It's Creekwalk Inn B&B at Whisperwood Farm, Cosby, TN 423-487-4000 or 800-962-2246.

You can get the trail guide book by going to the TN Dept of Agriculture at www.PickTnProducts.org. The book is free. 

I really appreciate your help

Meadowcreek Mountain is in the Newport area and has camping and a barn.

Do you have a contact number?



It's a really cool place, although I have to say the customer service isn't that wonderful.

Hi Katy - 

What were the trails like at Meadow Creek?


They aren't well marked (apparently, Cherokee National Forest does not allow for signs), but they are pretty nice.  You have to climb pretty steeply to access the trails, and that trail up the mountain is pretty rocky, but once you are up there, it's gorgeous.  The ride to the fire tower is really cool.  We've gotten lost every time we have been, but you aren't too lost, since you are high enough to see where you want to be, just have to figure out how to get there.

Awesome!  Thank you, Katy!

It's been a few years since I camped there, but they have stalls and a camping area. Correct on trails poorly marked, but they do supply a map to the trails. Always a good ride in the National Forest up there. Safe riding !


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