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I hate riding alone, and there seems to be few rides this year that are planed, everything seems to be challenges or shows..



does anyone know of any rides planned?


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Hi Christy, I don't know of any organized rides coming up, however, I do know that if you are interested in riding with a buddy the ACTHA completitive trail challenges is always open to having a "buddy" ride with a competitor.  Also, here at True West we encourage people to park here for the day (free of charge) with their friends and ride out to any of the many wonderful trails accessable from our campground.  In addition to that, we are always here and can typically ride during the week days if you are looking to go out.  Hopefully one of these options will help you out.
We don't have any organized rides planned, but we (True West) have great access to trails in BSF and our campground is open to anyone who wants to park here and ride - FOR FREE.  Come as a group, or come on your own and ride with any of our campers with FREE use of our facilities (stalls not included).  So go ahead and organize a ride with your friends and meet them here.  We'd love to meet you here too! --  Donna from True West.


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