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I hate riding alone, and there seems to be few rides this year that are planed, everything seems to be challenges or shows..



does anyone know of any rides planned?


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Two websites to check are: Maury Mounted Ministry and PWHAT. They both have at least 1 organized ride each month. If you can ride during the week join our group on the groups section. We are riding tomorrow in Elkmont Alabama. There are rides scheduled for Saturday.
Well, usually in october there is a Strolling Jim trail ride which is a huge/ really fun benefit ride in Wartrace.  I highly recommend it.
i have heard but not seen in writing the strolling jim ride, night ride is sept.10 2011 and the day ride oct.8,2011 anyone knows for sure please add the time.

thanks i'll check them out


Circle E has an organized ride in Sept (1/2 price for ladies) and another one in October.  You can get more info at www.circleeguestranch.com.

Circle E is just a bit pricy for me.. even at half off. It would be great but I will have to save up for next year


Just talked to Circle E.  The September ride is $315 for men and $157.50 for women.  The fee includes camping, stall, riding, meals and all events for the entire week.  (Daryl Singletary peformance is one of the events that week.)   The fee does not include TN sales tax and a $5 per stall cleaning fee at the end of your stay.

good good, i might be able to do that then


I just talked to someone that helps put on the McBurg Trail ride at the Jamie Jones farm on Hwy 64 and as far as he knows they are still going to put it on this year. The date will be Sept 18 at 2 pm and he thinks it will still be $10. I will post it in events when I know for sure.
what county is this ride in??

Caitlyn - the McBurg ride is in Lincoln County. West of Fayetteville 12 miles and Exit 14 on I-65, East 5 miles. Directly on Hwy 64 across from the Wright Cememtry.

For you I think you would go to Shelbyville and take 130 to Petersburg and then 244 to Hwy 64 and then west a mile or two. 

It is a well attended ride and is a good 3 hour ride. There is a lot of land we can ride on to make it longer but having to start at 2 and eat at 5 only leaves 3 hours. That is why I hate for it to start late. If you want to google it the address is Morning Star Lane, Frankewing, TN 38459


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