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 Congress has passed and Obama has signed a bill that allows slaughter houses to reopen for business, good or naught. This will restore the value to horses that people need to move. What say you????

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Yes Tory, there are some horses that are down right dangerous and have no future with humans...did anyone watch the recent movie "Buck"????  ....about Buck Brannaman the horse wisperer....fast forward to the colt starting where Bucks assistant tries to tame a 3year old palomino colt....he could have killed that guy.


Yes, it was a good thing for that horse to be put down - but you'll notice Buck didn't suggest they slaughter him.

Het , Katy do you eat meat? If so then some poor cow or pig had to die, but guess that's ok.I like horses to ,but everbody's got to realize that they are live stock to.All these horses that are not getting fed, and starving, i'm sure the owners would let you have them.  Have you thought that maybe when these cruel, and bad people as you say, might of had a job when they bought the horses,.  They loose their jobs, can't buy food for them, and nobody else wants them. Fortunatly I can still take care of mine, but some people can't, so humane thing to do is put them down, instead of starvation.

Putting a horse down does not equal slaughter.  It is not the same process, and shouldn't be compared.

Yes, I eat meat.  I eat animals that were raised to be slaughtered.  My horses ARE pets, and most everyone I know treats their horses as companion animals and not as livestock.

I don't know anyone who allows their horse to starve because of a job loss.   While placing horses isn't as easy as it once was, it is still possible.

I am heavily involved in horse rescue, and I have one pony off the slaughter truck and one rescue horse in my care.  I'd say I do my part.  Do you?

You still do not see what I am saying, Yes putting a horse down is different than slaughter, how ever I am saying for horses like that mare there is a need for a slaughter house, when you have a horse put down here in Montana it can cost upwards of $800 to a $1000 when you add up the Vet bill, disposal cost (Backhoe fees to dig the hole to bury, or the cost of dumping a carcass  at a land fill)..

There are a lot of people who will not want to pay that kind of fee to have a horse put down and will send a horse like that to the sale not caring what or who buys it, or worse drop it of in the Middle of nowhere and leave it to fend for it's self. We have had several dozen Cases of that here in Montana where people couldn't sell a horse and rather than take the horse back home and feed it they would abandon it to its fate.  Since the slaughter houses stopped processing horses in the US We have seen a steady decline in the value of horses and an increase in the Abuse rates of horses.. You can't tell me that this isn't related as the price of horses goes down People who couldn't afford to own horses because of their income levels are now able to do so, especially since you are able to purchase a Registered horse at auction for as low as $500 here in Montana. or Foals for as low as $25.

And hence you can see that a person who normally couldn't afford to own a horse here in Montana is now able to do so. Most of these people have no clue  to the care or cost of Owning a horse and  what is required to care for a horse properly. I am certain that this is a problem in other states as well, with the increase of the #'s of horses available on the market for such a low price that the number of equine abuse cases has increased.

I too have been involved in Rescues, and no not all the cases involve people that have lost their jobs, but involve people who have never owned a horse and buy a horse without the knowledge of what the costs are and the required care for a healthy horse. For example I was involved in a rescue when a 3 year old Quarter Horse Stud that was being boarded at the same facility I kept my Horses at. This stud was kept stalled in a 12 x 12 stall for 4 months with out any turnout time or his owner coming out to clean his stall or to provide him with food. when He was pulled from his Stall the floor was caked with almost 2 feet of feces and urine. He was skin and bones and when confronted his owner had a sob story about working 2 jobs and being a full time College Student. It turns out that this person had done this before at 3 different Stables in the area and refused to turn the horse over to anyone who could take care of the Horse.

Now if this is still considered lame Reasoning then please I ask you for a better solution to this issue.


The easy solution is that you shouldn't own a horse if you can't afford one - and also you shouldn't own a horse if you can't afford to put it down.  If your amazing, perfect horse receives a serious injury, are you going to send it to slaughter?

Yes, We do our part. My wife got a horse from a slaughter sale the best horse she ever had. The horse was so under weight and had a broke jaw, no one thought she would make the winter. She lived 10 more years. We have a very good friend that also purchased a horse that was starving from a sale. Another friend just purchased a under weight horse this past week. These horses take alot of money, time and TLC. Vets, medications, special feeds are not cheap either. We have seen under weight horses and hauled hay to the owners with the offer of free hay if they would just feed it with the owner declining the offer. We love our horses they are apart of our family and would do everything in our power to keep them healthy.  Then we have the people that drug horses and sale them to unexpected buyers as safe horses because they can't get rid of them any other way.  I know this because it happened to two differnt friends of ours, One now has a fractured back from such a horse that she purchased for  her grandchild.

 I knew when I posted this discussion it would be lively. We have a diverse group of members whos replys are opioninated which is great for learning. I hope mine will be seen as for learning.  There should be enough room on this website for all of us. I enjoy this forum very much and appreciate everyone on it.

 Please consider that congress was not asked to make a bill to allow Slaughter,rather they were asked to not make it illegal. This let livestock or horse owners decide what they want to do with their livestock and for whatever reason. Please note that I for one do not have to give anyone my reason or seek their blessing before selling a horse. From some of these posts I would think that Congress just passed a law forbiding horsemen or horsewomen from putting their own horses down, saying they must instead take them to a slaughter house. Some of you think you have the moral high ground but you do not. When people don't have a need for Slaughter houses they will close on their own. I do not need anyone to tell me how to treat my animals. Let me make the choice whether my livestock are fat or skinny or how I decide for them to die. Humane Treatment should only be given to Humans. If you want to treat your animals like they are part oy your human family thats fine. If you want to make a 35 year commitment to a horse thats fine, but you people ( and you know who you are ) want a law that says I have to. I have been married 38 years so I know something about life long commitments, but it wern't to no animal. You do as you see fit. Some of you want the say as to what cruelty to an animal is. I think to ride a horse barefoot on a surface that wears his feet too short is a cruel thing to do. Yet it is your horse you do as you wish. I would not want a law saying you have to shoe your horse. I would never force my belief or standards on any one.  I could go on and on, so I will finish by saying take care of your animals as you wish and let others do the same.  AND THATS MY PART  Hope to see some ofya on the trail some day. Some ofya not so much. MIKE & MISSY

This is great news! Now all the "breeders" that had finally gotten rid of their poorly bred, bad conformation, crap attitudes, horses that never should have been bred to begin with, can go right back to breeding to make money!!

Horses were starved and mistreated when the slaughterhouses were open. Usually the people who did not care for their horses were the ones who only had them to try to make a few dollars off of them. What I have seen recently.... all the little horsetraders have gone out of business. The bad horses are disappearing. Yes some have been shot, some starved, some from no vet care. Yes that sucks. But the end result is less horses, and less need for a slaughter market which is not humane. The big picture would have been better bred horses which still have value, in hands of people who can afford and want to provide care for them. I will never be for the slaughter of horses. Euthanize or shoot them if needed.

Well all of this is moot because there was no law passed by Obama or anybody else legalizng slaughter. For one thing slaughter was never illegal, but simply no longer feasible while there was a ban on funding for inspectors for horse slaughter.  Although the House and Senate  left that particular language out of the latest appropriation bill (the ban on horse slaughter  inspections) it did not specifically fund the inspectors either, so i would not hold my breath.

As a matter of fact if you do a search of HR2112 the word horse is only in there one time and it is specific to funding for the Horse Protection act. I think I will go read the horse protection act now  I thihk it might be funding inspectors for Walking Horse shows among other things.


I run a animal rescue and I have to say, we have had to rescue more horses then ever before with the ban, and while I love all horses and believe that no animal should have to die unnecessarily, I know that lifting the ban will eliminate some of the need for me to rescue horses from neglectful owners. 

Given the timing of the "ban" (you realize the number of slaughtered horses has not declined, just the location of the slaughter, right?) and the economy tanking, you really can't say which situation has led to your increased numbers.  Where is your rescue?  Are you a certified non-profit?  I thought I was aware of all of the legitimate rescues in TN, but maybe you are elsewhere, or I have missed one.


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