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 Congress has passed and Obama has signed a bill that allows slaughter houses to reopen for business, good or naught. This will restore the value to horses that people need to move. What say you????

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Well I for one say " It is about time." Lots of horses around here will be better off. I know this is going to be a roller coaster but I am not talking about the love of your life horse but the ones that have no love of their life. Lots worse things in this life than death.

I applaude this common sense move!!!  I have owned , ridden, and trained my own horses for nearly 45 years and this slaughter ban has been the biggest mess I've ever wittnessed in the horse industry!  I like all of you love and respect my horses and their health and well being is of the utmost importance to me and it breaks my heart to continually hear on the news about more starved and abused horses,...well let's get real! horses are still livestock and the two main purposes of livestock are beast of burden or food supply and by-products.  I'm glad to see new people constantly coming into the horse industry as first time owners but we that have been in this business a long time need to help educate these folks about horse ownership...they are not pets or lap dogs! and to see an injured or old horse that has outlived it's usefulness or an inbred animal that is like that because of NO management on the part of the owner, and to allow these animals to barely survive in implorable conditions is WRONG!  You are right! bringing slaughter houses back will set a base price per lb. for horses, so people who find themselves with unuseble animals will at least have some place to go with them instead of just ignoring them and hoping the problem will go away.  I can remember the time when people made their living going throughout rural communities buying lame, unwanted, unusable horses from farmers etc. and would haul them away for the person, so even people who had no transportation for their animals could still sell them.  With the  way the market has fallen now nobody has any use for these animals and we continue to see the starvation and abuse on the rise.  It makes me so sad to attend local horse auctions now and listen to actioneers beg for a $10.00 bid! only to see the horse led out of the ring unsold and left tied to somebodys trailer just because the owner didn;t want to take it home and have to continue trying to figure out how to feed it! Maybe mine is not a popular opinion but it always seems the most common sense approach to a problem is always the last resort!     Cheryl Boren

You are so right , Cheryl !

I agree with you completely! 

i think they should sign a bill  to keep breeders and owners that cant or wont care for the horses with the basic needs of food and water to not be allowed to breed or own horses. instead of  a stupid bill to open up any breeder or owner to just send off the one's they cant sell or feed to be taken to a slaughter house to be killed and then get paid for doing taking them that is just freakin wrong.

I agree with woman on the edge. the horses are better off dead than have a slow agony death of starvation. People need to watch ANIMAL COPS, and see how animals are treated.I love my horses, and they are treated very well, but not all are so fortunate. People wakeup and have mercy on the abused ones.



Here's the thing - people who are so out of touch with reality or in denial that they allow their horses to starve to death are not going to plan ahead to the extent required to take them to slaughter while they are still fat and healthy.  There is no slaughter market for skinny horses.  Injured horses cannot be slaughtered.  That takes care of the vast majority of the pro-slaughter rationale. 

The horse market is in the shape it is in because our economy is in dismal shape, and horses are a LUXURY item.  If you are living on the edge, financially, you have no place owning horses.

To be honest I am glad that they have brought back the slaughter houses, I Love the Horses I own, but there are certain horses that just are not cut out to be included in our herds. I am one that hates to see good horses go to slaughter but there are times when horses need to be culled from a herd. for instance I had a TWH mare that unfortunately was a cull horse, she would spin and kick out at anyone that came near her and was very aggressive towards people. Unfortunately this mare had to be put down for safety reasons, unfortunately there are to many horses that are like this mare that without the slaughter houses end up getting sold to people resulting in either the horse being neglected or someone getting hurt.

I agree with Tory and Cheryl.  I have questioned if the horses taken to slaughter are micro chip checked.  Does anyone out there know ?

Here's Polly - she came off Ralph Robinette's slaughter truck in 2005.  I guess it's too bad she was saved, slaughter horses all being such dangerous, evil creatures.  That is just lame reasoning.  If a horse is that dangerous, then sure, put it down, but it's not like the majority of horses that go to slaughter are a threat to humans.






Granted I know that all horses sent to slaughter are not a danger to people. I was using the mare of mine as a example, with horses like her there is a place for slaughter houses..  How ever we all know the truth that there are a majority of  horses that go to slaughter do not deserve to be sent to slaughter. I for one do not like to send a horse to slaughter unless there is a very good reason like my aggressive mare.

So please don't place words in my mouth  when I was talking about one horse. I have seen several rescued horses that are great horses and lived out great lives after being rescued from slaughter trucks.. 

I am also a owner of a rehabilitated Thoroughbred Race Horse, and she is one of my favored riding horses.. So please I was stating a point that there is need for Slaughter houses but I am not a supporter of them either as there are several horses that do not deserve to be sent there that end up being slaughtered everyday. what we need to concentrate is on educating first time horse buyers that go out to buy a horse cause their child wants a horse but when that child either losses interest or gets bucked off then the parents sell the horse and that horse ends up going to slaughter.


so we have many many dangerous humans that kill and are very dangerous to other people do we need to open upon a slaughter house for those people. i think it is a lame excuse for the people that wont or cant take car of there horses. To be very honest my horses are pasture boarded and i cant watch them 24/7 and it scares me to death that someone stupid person will take them for the money. i think we all should write and tell our stupid congress and president that they wont get our vote next time around. if they dont care anymore for our horses than this they surely cant care for the people of america. IT IS JUST WRONG ANYWAY YOU SLICE IT.



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