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How is the shavings availability to all the horse people in the Nashville and surrounding area? I can't get a load deliverered in my area. If you are getting shavings, do you care do share your contact and how much a load?

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I buy all of mine from Franklin Coop. I use the Eagle Valley Advanced Bedding because it lasts longer in the stall and it makes mucking the stall much faster and is easy to change out. It comes in a clear bag, in small pellets, after pouring it onto the stall floor, you wet it down with a hose and it breaks down into a very fine, like sawdust, material. If I remember correctly, it's about $6.50 per bag, I use four bags per 12x12 stall, and it lasts about 3 - 4 weeks with a horse in the stall at all times.
Mike you are completely right about those pellets. They are really great, I just wish I could afford them. I do use them for one of my mares that keeps a running nose. It is less dust. They average about $6.00 a bag and that comes out to $36.00 for 1 stall for a month. For those people who hire someone to do there mucking, you might want to consider this, because they really do save you time, which is less money that you would have to pay in labor, if you paid by hour. I have six stalls and that would be to expensive for me a month. But I really do think this product is Great!
I used to get bulk load shavings delivered from Marvin Fly, but the price kept going up and the loads getting smaller, so I switched to the bagged shavings from the Co-op. It's not that much more expensive than the price I was paying for delivery...plus it's lots easier to manage. I pay $5 or $5.50 a bag, whatever the going rate is. Price is always going up on everything!!
I buy my shavings from Bonnie's barnyard, they are very clean and no dust and compared to TSC's bags of dust they are wonderful no comparison at all, they come in 10CF bags for i think $6.95 whereas the TSC (Dust!) is $4.98 for 5.5CF.
Hey Belinda, thanks for info. My husband is there now buying the shavings I'll let you know what I think after trying.Thanks again for info.
can you tell me where Bonnie's barnyard is located?
Hey susan, hope you like those shavings, i love them, let me know !!
its £7.50 for a bag of shavings in england right now... which equates to about 10bucks i guess? perhaps a bit less with the pound being so low right now. in actual money terms it equates to about 14bucks since life is so expenisve here.
and i should have said, with the shortage the price has almost doubled recently, since it was 4pounds.... recession hitting all over it seems!
Well now you know why we moved to this country actually 9 yrs ago yesterday, i dont think i could function with Britains monster prices on everything, let alone own horses there, and i think to answer susans Questions you must be in Britain as we dont have the pound key symbol on our regular keyboard, if you are in england, dont you love the weather, but one warning, its grey most days (every day LOL )
I am English!
Lots of ties to TN and have lived there for a while, but my permanent base (If i really have one) is here in england. Weather isnt too bad actually for Jan im quite enjoying it. Has been raining at night, with lots of sunny days and highs in the mid 40s. Today was foggy though.

This is the first time in about 5 years that it looks as though Il be here for feb-march-april though, so il let you know! haha

I have a US computer though, and I can still find the £ sign. I flipped the keyboard around so its and English Keyboard with the US buttons... haha its funny when people borrow my computer.
do you live in England now?


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