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If you trail ride and have not been to Seven Springs, you need to go.  It is a great place to ride.  Beautiful scenery.  Great trails.  Plenty of water for your horses.  My least favorite thing is the campground, but it is worth it to ride those trails.  And Rattlesnake Saloon is awesome.

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Very cool place!

What is wrong with the campground?

The campground is out in the open.... not enough trees for my taste.  But, for riding, there are plenty of trails in the woods. 

The trails through the woods and around the HUGE rock formations are worth it!!! Really nice...hope to go there again.

We have been there several times and will definitely be going back.  Of all the places we have ridden, Seven Springs has the most beautiful rock formations and some of the best riding we have encountered.  The fact that it is not far from our home is a plus, too.  :)


There is an amazing rock wall called The Wave...OMG... Just like a huge 100 ft wave frozen in time! Then for the brave...The Steps... A 15 ft rock/bolder steps with a hard right turn...you gotta lean back and give the horse its head...they know best... Hold on and trust them! Bald knob...The Overlook...The Old Saloon... Plenty of water at the camp ground...and good food at the Rattlesnake Saloon! Can you tell...We LOVE THIS PLACE!


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