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Gerald and I did a 'day' ride here yesterday. A friend from MS wanted us to meet her there. We loved the trails! Loved the enormous rock formations...almost like a 'minime Shawnee' LOL! They only charge $5.00 for a day ride and we had lunch at the Rattlesnake Saloon which is really a very nice restaurant built into a large rock house. It has a very unique and beautiful setting and the burgers were very good but extremely large. One will feed two people! There is not a large amount of water and some open riding between trails, so not the best place for hot weather riding but this fall would make a good week-ender or day ride for those close enough.


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A group of us rode there this past weekend, very nice scenic trails to ride. We found several little creeks and streams to water our horses and didn't actually have to ride much in open land. I guess it probably depends on the trails that you choose and there are plenty of different trails to ride. That is the second time we have ridden there and really enjoyed both trips there. We plan to go again sometime.

I ride Seven Springs many times a year....they have added many new trails, all through the woods and shaded...it is a great place to spend the weekend or day riding.. the folks there are great...food is great and after a hot ride you can cool off in the pool.....it is one of my favorite places to ride, they have trails for all levels of riders.


Debra, I apologize if my comments offended you. I thought this was a very good place to ride and hope to come back. Also, told several friends about this place encouraging them to go also. I am not a preacher but a teacher and the donations are to help support the work I do for others, especially on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I have not made a penny in salary, my husband works to support us and help with the work God has given me.  I will be leaving in the morning for 6 weeks there. Maybe when I return to ride at Seven Springs you can help guide us. Be blessed and have a wonderful summer.

One of my, and my husbands, favorite places to ride.  Beautiful trails.  Water.  Shade, unless you stay on the pipeline.  Map is easy to follow.  The Saloon is awesome.  Was hoping to spend a week there next month, but probably not going to happen, due to recuperating from a pinched sciatic nerve.  :(

There is plenty of water and springs all over the trails. The most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. Danny, Faye and William and the staff are as nice as they can be. It's our favorite place to camp and ride.


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