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For some time now I have been looking at saddles online. As I age a good fitting saddle for myself as well as my gaited mare is important. With so many types/brands of saddles this is a hard decision. Comfort for long rides is important for both horse and rider. Has anyone heard of Dixieland Gaited Saddle? What is your experience with saddles, any advise from horse riders would be appreciated.

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Hey Rhonda, you can also post your Tucker saddle on the TTR classifieds. There are other saddles for sale there too, they are in the "PRODUCTS" category. I might also be interested in your saddle for my wife; what is the size, style and color?
Rhonda, don't expect the Dixie Land to perform any different than a rigid tree. The Dixie Land is built on a Steele tree that is as flexible as a rigid tree. The flex tree from Steele is all advertising hype. And that is directly from the tree manufacture's owner. Years ago Steele made a true flex tree and discontinued it because of soring and saddle break downs. Dixie Land builds a good quality saddle and if the tree happens to fit your horse, you'll love the saddle. It is a very comfortable saddle for most humans. Just don't expect the flex tree to help with your saddle fit, it won't. Once you get the saddle, I'd highly recommend you make sure it fits your horse. The best test is 4 or 5 days in a row of 8 plus hours in the saddle with as much gaiting and moving on as the horse is in condition to handle. If the horses is not sore then, there's a good chance the saddle fits the horse. If not, make sure you have the option of returning it for a refund. Not an exchange.
Update. I rode in a Pro Saddlery Rubber Bar Tree Saddle at 7 Springs. For me, this was the best sitting saddle I have ever ridden in. I also enjoyed close contact with my horse. I asked for a 'clone' of that saddle and am now waiting on mine to be built and can hardly wait to get it.
My but is getting older too! Time for the best tack I can get my hands on. I got a custom made saddle from Michael Stokes of Centar saddlery. Unbelievable for my aging but!!!!!! I can ride like I am seventeen agian. With a custom saddle fit on a great horse look out on the trail!!!!!!
Just returned from Kenny Gladdens 'America's Trail Ride Association' ride at 7 Springs in Tuscumbia, AL. I didn't do a lot of riding on my new horse, Bear, but I did ride a couple of hours the first day and just some riding around close to camp the following 2 days. I rode him in a Rubber Bar Tree Saddle. It seemed to fit him nicely and it allowed me to have close contact with him. There were no pressure points that showed up and he did sweat a lot that first day. As for me... the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. As a matter of fact, I have asked Tim Hill to build me a clone of that saddle. I can hardly wait to get it.
Two words for the best saddle of your life..... "Bob Marshall". It's a NO BRAINER! No tree, you sit right on the horses' back. No tree aka ..... TREELESS!!!!! 17 lbs. Custom made to your specs.


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