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I have seen advertised in some horse mags a type of horse shoe that is made of the same type of stuff that roller skate wheels are made of. They cover most of the sole but not all. I think they would be awesome for riding on rocks, especially the large, flat rocks you come across on some trails, and also on pavement. Has anyone on here (especially any farriers) had any experience with these? I know I read somewhere about a group who made a cross country ride (Best of America by Horseback, maybe? they had wagons, too) that learned to use car tire treads on their horses because pavement just ate up the horses shoes in just a few days. They made pads out of the car tire rubber and they lasted much longer than regular shoes. These would be easier than boots with no worry about sizes, etc. Any comments/thoughts?

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I have used two different types before....it has been a while...one pair was very rubber and did cover alot of the sole...they were great...horse loved them, the only problem was if you didn't re-set them on time, they were like flip flops and my horse tripped over them---of coarse I left them on too long.....another pair was thick rubber over a plain shoe. That one seemed to be working well, but he did break a quarter of the shoe off??????? Don't know how that happened....He has really sensitive soles. Haven't tried anything new lately. We haven't been trail riding with him in a while...hope that helps..
Thanks for responding Marti, did your farrier have these and put them on, or did you have to purchase them somewhere yourself? Also, did the size of the rubber shoes match the sizes of iron shoes? Can the farrier trim them to fit your horses feet (say if they were a tad too big?). I am wanting to go back to east Tennessee and some places the rocks were bad, both the small ones and big ones that covered the whole trail. I thought these rubber shoes would both protect the soles of their feet and give me more confidence and less worry about sliding or slipping on the big flat rocks. Little Rock scared the bejesus out of me at the BSF. The group we were riding with were going to the side of a section of trail that was covered by smooth rock that dropped down in 3 stages, but the rock was in a curved or wave type formation, not like a step formation (I don't know if this makes sense). Anyway, at the side was a narrow area that still had dirt and that is where everyone was going down. I guess Little Rock got tired of waiting his turn (the horse ahead of us didn't want to go down) so he just went down the bare rock as if he didn't know what the other horse's problem was! I was sure he would slip, fall and break something (ME), but he had no trouble, however, I popped out about 20 new gray hairs! If he had had on some rubber type shoes I would not have worried about it. Again thanks for your info
My wife uses a brand called Ground Control horseshoes on her POA. She feels she gets better traction on rocks and slick surfaces. I think they also give better cushion for the horse. They have a web site you can look up. Our farrier trims them with a nipper or I mark them and use a bench grinder. I have yet to lose one.
Would these shoes be helpful on pavement? I want to ride in a Christmas Parade but am afraid of the asphalt and my horse has to wear at least front shoes. Do they stay on good? I am afraid my farrier will laugh when I show up at the barn with rubber shoes!
Yes these shoes would be great for riding on pavement, some carriage businesses use them. I rode in the Leiper's Fork Christmas parade last year without shoes of any kind, but I was nervous about it. It is a short parade though, so I felt like it would be fine, and it was. I would try to get them a week or so before the parade so your horse can get accustomed to them. If your horse doesn't pick his feet up well, he may 'stump' his toes, due to the improved traction. I would look in the back of any horse magazine to find the name of a company and do some research about them. Or Google it. If your farrier laughs you can conk him in the head with a horseshoe! lol Just kidding! I would talk to my farrier about it and discuss what size to get, etc before buying any.


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