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Hi,  I have been...looking for another horse... I am thinking Ky Rocky Mt. horse for it's size and gait.  My horse is 15.2 , a little tall for me, but has a wonderful nature, getting older and I have grandkids wanting to ride, so, any suggestions or comments are welcome Thanks.. you can email me at Connieavon2@hotmail.com 

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Hi, We have 1 Rocky Mountain, and 1 Kentucky Mountain, and 2 that can be double registered Kentucky Mountain and Rocky Mountain. We also have a Spotted Mountain. All are very gentle breeds. My daughter rides her Rocky Mountain in just a rope halter and my grandson, niece, ride their Kentucky Mountains, and my nephew also ride my Spotted Mountain in a rope halter. All behave well on trail and at home riding this way. My daughter's Rocky, Thunder is about 15 hands, my grandson's Kentucky Mountain is 16 hands, my nieces Kentucky Mountain is 15 hands and My Spotted Mountain is 15 hands.  Hope this helps.

We have a Rocky Mountain gelding that is a perfect trail horse.  The kids ride him.  He is very surefooted.

That's great, have fun with him, my daughter loves her Rocky Mountain, all mountain horses are a great breed.

Thanks... for the info... everything I have heard about Rocky Mountain has been good :) next to find one... would like for it to be at least 5 yr old... broke... trail riding and back yard play is all we do... no shows. But who know grandkids might.. thanks again

Hope you find your Rocky or Kentucky. We purchased ours when we lived in Ohio, we moved to Tennessee 2 years ago. We got ours from Osa Queen Farm in Kentucky. We became friends with the owner, but I think he is out of the business now. My daughters gelding ,Thunder, was only 3 when we got him and Smokey, my nieces gelding, was only 3 too, Rocky and Kentucky, my niece who was a beginner  back then, rode the 3 year old Kentucky right from the start, she was 9 years old. I wish you luck in finding your great horse.

Thanks Marsha... I hope my grand-children will be riding with us soon... my grand-daughter is 4 and loves our boys now.


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