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I just got back from the Road To The Horse...it was awesome again this year.  Craig Cameron was the winner by a landslide, he turned around a colt that was a handful on Saturday to a nice riding horse, compliant and very willing during the obstacle course on Sunday; at the end he stood up on his horse and waved to the crowd.  Ken McNabb had the biggest horse, and one that the crowd was sure would buck Ken off on his first mount attempt, a very spirited colt that also did surprisingly well at the obstacle course. Richard Winters' horse took a mood and began bucking for about 2 to 3 rounds in the round pen; the colt was spooky during the obstacle course and wouldn't walk over the tarp, and also lost points because Winters could only pick up 3 of his 4 feet.  Wouldn't it be a hoot to have a TTR Road To The Horse, with members as clinicians?

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Hey Mike. I was just getting on here to write about RTTH and see who all was there. My husband, Byron, and I just returned home from there, ourselves. It was our first year and we loved it! We are definitely planning on attending again in 2011. Of course, it is business for us, but we were fortunate enough to have a booth overlooking the arena and was able to watch most of the events. In my opinion, NO ONE can top the One-Armed Bandit! He is amazing! We were glad Craig won, and were pulling for him all the way! (Well, I was at least!) I like the way he works and he just seems so down to earth. A TTR RTTH sounds like fun!
Did you, by any chance, see, or speak to anyone at the Supreme Horse Walker booth? If so, that was us. Next time, look us up and introduce yourself. I would like to know who all else was there that we may have seen or spoken with......
Seen your booth but didn't stop,now I wish I had! My daughter came down from Michigan to go with me this year, my sis and I went last year and I loved it both years!! We talked to Tommy Garland after it ended down in the arena (he had come just to watch this year) and he said he had just talked to Tootie about competing again. Since Tootie only mentioned 2 trainers who would be there next year....I wonder if maybe Tommy will be back? That would be awsome if he were there with Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox next year!!!
It would have been nice to meet you. If I understand correctly, the winner returns the following year. If that is the case, then Craig Cameron will be competing with Clint and Chris, but I am not sure. We are planning on being there again next year. Be sure to come see us then.
Thanks for everyone's comments on Road To The Horse. Tootie Bland just informed me that Craig Cameron, Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox will be the clinicians in 2011. Get your tickets early, should be a great show!!
RTTH was great! This was my second trip and I am planning on going back next year because "CHRIS COX ROCKS"! Saw him in 2008 when he competed against Ken McNabb and Tommy Garland. All three did a great job, but Chris's exibition was awesome! Everyone should go at least once. Saw Melinda and Byron there. They had a great view of the arena from their Supreme Horse Walker Booth. If you ever get a chance to meet them, go up and introduce yourself, they are GREAT folks!
Thanks Connie! You are so sweet! But, no one is great without GREAT friends like you and Clifford!
We did have a great view, didn't we?, but who knows about next year. We could be anywhere! I have heard so much about Chris Cox and Clint Anderson, never saw either one in action, I can hardly wait to see them compete!


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