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For those you may or maynot know Norman Fowler owner of Birdsong passed away this morning. May our thoughts and prayersPat and the Family.

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So sorry to hear that. Had many good times at Birdsong with my family.My prayers are with Pat and family.
I just found out about Norman passing away. I have not rode at Birdsong or at Normans and Pats in a couple of years, but my late wife Kathy and I rode there from 1992 to 2006, the year she died. I pray for Norman, but I pray for Pat more, this is going to be one of the hardest times in her life. There is no way to describe how hard it is unless you have been there. The whole family needs our prayers, I know Pat would appreciate it. Eddie and Lisa Holt just called me and told me about Norman so if anyone hears where he will be at, I would appreciate it, I would like to at least send my respects. Ride hard and long Norman, I pray that you will have all of HEAVEN to ride in.

John C. Owens
My husband, Tony, got the call early this afternon from Ray Freeman that Norman had passed away. We've been calling many of our riders to let them know that we have lost a long time friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat and the rest of the family.
I called Oakdale Funeral Home, Camden, TN and got the arrangements for Norman's funeral. Visitation will be Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 - 9:00 PM and the funeral will be 2:00 PM Thursday, all at Oakdale. You can go to Google and type in Oakdale Funeral Home, Camden, TN and the site with map will come up. You can click on Obituaries and get the information


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