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My wife & I ride drafts on the trail. We would like to find other drafters to ride with.

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Hello. I am new to the Tennessee Trail Riders and I just wanted to say I have a Percheron/Paint cross, who is 16 and he is ABSOLUTELY fabulous. ANYONE can ride him. I use him for lessons with beginners and everything. I take him on trail and my 11 year old daughter jumps him and does whatever she wants with him. We also have a Clydesdale/TB cross, who is 35 and he is wonderful too. He has been my childrens babysitter for many years now. We recently have moved to Tenn and left him behind in Florida. We werent sure he would make it here with the winter and all being so old so he stayed back at a friends house. We also have 2 Appaloosas. My daughter and I ride all of them and they all have something special about them. The draft crosses I have to say are the best. They are so sane and so confident. We have NO problems with them on trial or in parades or anything. Just a big bear. I would love another one. I really don't see any difference in attitude with both of our draft crosses. Pretty much the same. Hopefully we can meet sometime and ride. Let me know when you have a ride planned and I will try and make it. Not sure where you are located but I am in Columbia.
welcome Lisa
We hope to see you around, Mike has made us all a great site
Lisa, I would sell Goliath my 5-yo Belgian cross. I have 3 horses and two donkeys, and he sort of doesn't fit my program. He's gentle, buckskin in color, broke to ride. He's priced at $3,000 but negotiable, if you want to come take a look. He would make someone a good horse if they had time to ride him and get him in better condition. --NG
Just found out last evening that sometime in May there will be a Draft trail ride in Chickamaugua Battlefield (Fort Oglethorpe, ga) Not sure when, will up date it when I know. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
I just started to tell every body about this too.
We do. Come ride with us at the cnh refresher ride this sat at crossroads ranch. www.crossroadshorse.com
Hi Eric, & Josh !!
Sorry i haven't replied sooner , but my new work schedule is pretty hectic right now. I thank you both for your joining of this discussion, & hope to meet everyone on the trail some day !!!
Just getting the disc. back up front.
first time on-line since lest post. working alot
We want to get a "draft' riding club going down here in GA, nothing fancy, get together regularly to talk and plan rides and maybe some fun/training/cookout days but mostly ride as often as we can. Let the thunder roll!!


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