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I have a friend coming from Knoxville and we will be having a ride at Laurel Hill Tuesday Feb. 7th at 10:30 am. Bring sack lunch and drink for a 4-5 hr ride. Let me know if you plan on joining us. This week-end looks like a wash out again. But next week we have some good weather.

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I would like to try and go.Can you provide me with some semblance of address to load into GPS?


The trail head is on Finnie Rd at Lawrenceburg. I saw you have your home for sale. Where are you going?

Directions: Take 43 south to Summertown, Turn Right on Hwy 20 between Sonic and Shell, go about 2 miles and turn Left on 240 (is a fork with a store in the middle), go about 9 miles and turn Right on 241it is just past a store on the left, there is also a sign that says Laurel Hill, go about 1 mile and turn Left on VFW rd, then about 1/2 mile and turn Right on Finnie, go about 1 mile to trail head parking on Right

Working on not only my going but getting a friend or two to go as well. I'll keep you posted. Is Gerald going ? I promise not to bring up my husband's career.  I want a pleasurable ride.  *grin*

He probably will....what fun we will all have!

You told him ?

NO WAY!!! LOL...

If all goes right, I will be there. 

I am so glad. Gerald and I were talking about you today. He gave me a set of rachet nippers for my Birthday! I told him no way will I be as good as Theresa...LOL! See you Tuesday.


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