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Would anyone like to get together and ride at Why Not? This is a nice quiet place to camp. I have a little work to do on my trailer (wiring) and I am ready to go.

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Will you post in Events if a ride is scheduled? Thanks would love to make it up there and check it out! We aren't too far.
I posted the weekend of 2/14-15.. So lets ride!
Lol, nothing is ever definate with me! We can make it that way though. Everyone agree on that weekend? We can bring some extra coveralls if it's too cold and someone needs a pair.
Hi there I would like to start trail riding this year. I don't know where that is though I live closer to knoxville than nashville
It would be a seriously long haul for you.. this is south near columbia. about an hour south of nashville. It would be nice to ride with you..
There is a planned ride on the 14th with the South Harpeth Horse Club in Fairview at Bowie Nature Park in Fairview, TN. If the ground is wet we won't be able to ride there. We may meet all yall at Why Not. I haven't been yet, but my posse has. I am off the 7th and 8th if anyone wants to hook up and ride also.
The way bowie is going, it won't be open.. I'm right across the street and have only been able to ride 2 times since nov. It is suppose to rain again this coming week..
I was wondering if anyone from Huntingdon is going to the trail ride at What Not? I was invited to go and maybe ride someone's extra horse. I would like to know if that invitation is still open and if so would I be able to ride with someone?

Julie and Cheryl... I plan on being there this weekend!!!! I'll need someone to be my Valentine though.LOL

Katie..I will email Jackie and see if she is still planning on coming and if she can bring the extra horse for you

Virg.. we can have one massive valentine group hug ;) are you going night riding again??
Thanks Cheryl I would love to be able to go. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to ride with up there with someone. My truck isn't running really good and I'm not wanting to trust it out of town.

Cheryl I love group hugs!!! Of course I'll go nite riding,, Grab a few vodkie and orange juice and saddle up the ol'mare and hit the woods.. The last time I was there I rode til 11:oo all by my lonesome..



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