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Would anyone like to get together and ride at Why Not? This is a nice quiet place to camp. I have a little work to do on my trailer (wiring) and I am ready to go.

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I would love to ride there but I still don't have a trailer but I'm still looking. It's not that far from where I live. I guess I'm going to have to put out the big bucks if I ever find a decent trailer. lol. Maybe I will have one soon.
Have you checked out craigslist? They usually have several on there, bumperpulls and goosenecks, 2,3, or 4 horse, various prices. You don't have to spring for new when there are so many good used ones out there.
Yes, I check craigslist every day and everything else that has ads. Just haven't found one yet but I'm looking. I don't want new but I don't want a rattletrap either. lol It seems that rattletraps are about all I can afford because I have to buy a truck too. I have a Honda Element and you can't pull a trailer with that thing. LOL. Maybe I'll luck up one of these days and find one.
Jean where do you live? I have a 4 horse trialer and we usually only haul 2. We would be coming from the west, and need some room to turn around.
Julie, I live in Lobelville, it's about 7 or 8 miles off the interstate at the Buffalo exit 143. Do you come up I40 and get off at the Turney Center exit?(can't think of the exit number) If so, it would be a few miles out of your way. You can go to Centerville or Hohenwald from here but it's 2 lane highway.
Yes, I would love to go, too! When are we talking about? I know some other folks that would like to go also.
How about the weekend of the 24th (next weekend)? That is the next weekend I have off. Or are you talking about something later in the spring? Pray for good weather!
A friend that I rode with today has a very nice CM, gray, straight-load, two horse trailer. He's selling it because he wants a four-horse with living quarters. He's on this website, so if you are interested in a used two horse trailer, send a message to Ron Wright.
Thanks Mike, I will send him a message. It might just be what I'm looking for.
I don't know how quickly he is selling it; he hasn't purchased a four horse yet. He always told me that he intended to keep it along with getting a four-horse but he is now worried about storage space. Good luck with that, you will be quite luck if you get it, I think it's a really nice bumper pull, two horse that's small, compact and easy to pull around.

There's another trailer for sale on Old Hillsboro Rd (just south of Hwy 96) in Franklin, it's a white goose-neck, slant load....I think the price tag on it is about $10K. I'll take a picture of it with my black berry the next time I pass it if it sounds interesting to you.
Thanks for your help, Mike. I haven't really thought about a gooseneck, was actually wanting a bumper pull with a dressing room but might think about a GN.
I work the 24th! I am off the 31 and 1st. Actually Feb 14-15 woould be better for me.


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