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Would anyone like to get together and ride at Why Not? This is a nice quiet place to camp. I have a little work to do on my trailer (wiring) and I am ready to go.

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The goose neck trailer on Old Hillsboro Rd sold last week. Ron Wright, who you talked to before, has his 2-horse bumper pull for sale. He purchased a 3-horse last weekend, so he's ready to sell it. It is in excellent shape but I'd hurry if I were you, he's got it a really good price and it is in great condition.

Cheers and happy trails,
Mike,do you know if that slant load is aluminum or steel ? I have a 2 horse with home made living quarters but would like a lighter one
Hi Julie. can you tell more about Why Not. are you planning an overnight ride . do they have hookups ? and stabling ?

FYI: Why Not Ranch provides very nice hook-ups, toilets, showers, picnic tables, fire pits, etc. The owner is on this website, her name is Beth Kerasotes (or something like that). You can do a search for "Beth" and her profile will pop up right away. You can check out their website at www.whynotranch.com.
I have been wanting to ride there for a while now. When were you thinking of going? It's about a two hour drive for us so we would probably make it an over nite trip if anyone else is interested.
I would be staying the night at least. They have a nice place, good level camp sites. Electric at sites, but no water. There is water at the bathouse. They have panels for pens, stalls, or paddocks with lots of grass. They allow picketting, but I don't tink there are poles to pickett from. I don't know the price, but it is reasonable. It is a little hard to find ( I got lost the first time and drove down a one lane road, that literally turned into a creek, with a 4 horse lq!!!) It has nice wide, well marked trails.
I'm always up for a ride at Why Not..
What weekend would work out best? Feb 14-15 would be good for me. Depending on the weather of course. I would also stay overnight. I would have to check with my farrier be sure I can get them shod in time.
Well, that is Valentines weekend.. but I'm off that Monday also, the 16th.. so that would work out great.. Lee hasn't mentioned any plans for that weekend.. So hopefully if will be warmer..
I know we can get Virg to meet us there..
welllllllll. if it s not to cold or raining, (my old body, doesn't function just right when the weather is bad.) I would like to go. It has been almost 5 years since I have been on a trailride. Is it definitely going to be feb 14 -15 ? and is it going to be Why Not? and will it be an overnighter?
Well, here is to hoping for nice days that weekend!!! I know Julie will stay overnight because it is a frakin' haul for her. Virg, one of our friends will hopefully be up for it and he is in Alabama so he will stay.. I have a few other friends that might come either for a day ride or the weekend.. I will see if I can't get the cabin for that weekend. I don't have a lq, so.. last time I went I had to tent camp and that was freaking cold!! I really don't want to do that in Feb!! Gosh.. NO... I could stay the 14-16, but my husband will have to leave on Sunday since he has to work!! SUCKER...


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