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Isn't there someone on here that repairs horse blankets close to Fairview?

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Yes, there's a wonderful person who repairs and tends to blankets, her name is Adrienne Walsh.
Hi Susan...that would be me. I am located near Fairview. What do you have and what do you need done? I do laundering, waterproofing, and repair. I charge $15.00 per blanket (unless it is a foal blanket) and I use special blanket wash that doesn't wash out the waterproofing that turnout blankets are treated with. I can't do repairs on dirty blankets so either you wash them or I wash them. Just let me know what you need done and where you are located. Thanks!
Oh I wish we had blanket washers on this side of town... the East! Not to take business from the previous lady, but if it is a tear, I went to Walmart and bought those iron on patches to cover tears. Come in multiple colors and many sizes. Still stickng after 2 years! For anything else, I am at a loss. For washing, take to the car wash, hang it up and pressure wash then hang dry at home!
Hi Sue! Call Adriane walsh she is in the club.. she replied below...

Where is Farifield. I repair horse blankets but an outside of Louisville, Ky. Been doing it for several years.


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