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Last year at a rabies/coggins clinic a vet told me he only saw one case of rabies in horses, it was many years ago and he sees no need in vaccinating for it. Many of my horse owner friends say they do not vaccinate for rabies but I think that this is the most important vaccination to give any animal because it protects ME. The rabies vaccine is inexpensive. Since we come in contact with many wild animals while trail riding and camping---I encourage you to think this through.

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I live in a county that has a high incidence of rabies in skunks, possums, etc...and for that reason alone my vet recommends I vaccinate my horses yearly for rabies. My dogs get the new 3 year vaccine. Wasn't it just last year they had a horse at the TN Walking Show that was rabid?
Yes, last year one of the horses at Celebration had rabies. And, I agree - the rabies vaccine is cheap compared to what your possible risk is.
this is something i'm always trying to decide what all to vaccinate for i have never thought of not giving west niles, rabies and 5-way to my horse i also think that the rabies shot along with the west niles would be a must it would scare me not to have horse vaccinated for rabies because you do come in contact with wild animals on the trail and you never know what is in the pasture that might be rabid. i would like to have input on what you guys think about strangles and potomatic fever. and if yes my vet gives a live virus mist for the strangles thoughts on wether to vaccinate for strangles and potomatic or not and live virus mist
I have always vaccinated my horses for rabies.
We travel with our horses so they get everything...we travel to New Mexico and rabies is becoming a real problem in that part of the country...in fact, there are flyers up everywhere...but we vaccinated even before we started taking them out there...how does that go...and ounce of prevention is worth....


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