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I've just gotten a rescue horse and he needs weight.    I would like ideas to compare and put together a plan.   Thanks.  janet

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hey Janet let me put you in touch with one of Almost Home's fosters who just took the two most critical horses from the Cannon County seizure and has them in fantastic shape. I know she did alot of research, but I don't know exactly what all she used. Sending you a private message now with her info.
Equine senior has a lot of protein for an older horse. Plus adding corn or vegetable oil (1 cup am & pm) will pack the pounds on. Plenty of hay and make sure your horse's teeth are done and the horse has been de wormed. Tapecare plus really worked for me. Lots fo "little" grain meals are good. You don't want to overload the grain too much at a time.
hello, i use safe choice by nutreana. i have trided all kinds of formulas with diferent grains and supplements,oils ext. Safe choice is low in starch so you dont have to worry about the refeeding sydrome. always no matter what you deside to use or any change to feed start out with small amounts and gradulay increse over time. you need plenty of good quality hay and a consant supply of fresh clean water. i hope this helps you . i know mixing all the different stuff tends to get expensive. a 50lb bag of this is less then 20 dollers. my sister has also started using this feed for her two seinior horses. the one mare has hardly no teeth and cant hardly chew the hay so she adds timithy and alfa pellets her mare is almost 30. she and her 25 year old gelding both have gained alot of weight just in a couple of months. her gelding doen't get the timithy and alfala pellets in his feed because he has all his teeth. Safe coice is a pelleted feed so it is easy to digest. and the absord almost if not all of it.
your horse will likely need to be wormed use ivermectin and then in a week worm him again with safeguard or panacur. his teeth will need to be checked and floated if necessary. feed a higher protein ration feed(16 % or higher) and good quality grass hay. if you use a senior feed watch your hay amount because the senior feed has roughage in the feed.
Hey Janet, just an FYI, those horses were wormed twice with ivermectin and were supposed to get a dose of something with praziquantel around the first of January. I really like Equimax.

Also, they were on Safe Choice feed on site (and some got Purina Senior), and seemed to tolerate it well. I use a mix from Edwards in Lebanon that is custom blended for our horses, and never have colic issues with it even with the very emaciated ones, as long as I feed it in small amounts to start and gradually work up.

The advice about hay is good... I have always heard that it is MUCH better to put weight on with hay than with sweet feed. The foster that I have here gets all the hay he can get. It's an orchardgrass mix, no alfalfa.

Were you able to talk to Sandy? I think she was adding some type of oil to hers but don't recall what it was.
Thanks, haven't called Sandy yet, but plan to. So far I've been giving Sr. feed twice a day and all the hay he wants. I've also been adding a cup of corn oil. Hes blanketed and I check under the blanket often to be sure he isn't to hot or cold. Did I answer you and tell you he is a canyon Co. horse from Horse Haven? He is doing well. I should probably worm again, I think its been 3 months or more? since the first worm. I do know he got everything he needed and should have gotten at HHT. Thanks for the response.
Sounds like he is due for the broad spectrum dewormer. Make sure you get one that covers tapeworms. I helped with both rounds of deworming at the fairgrounds and can tell you with certainty that they ONLY got Ivermectin, and did not get a broad spectrum.

Sounds like you are doing a great job! If you're on facebook, you need to request membership in the "Friends of 84" group so you can post updates and see others as well!!
I know he was wormed several times, and his teeth floated. I've been feeding sr. feed. Thanks so much for the advice. He is doing well. janet
Equine Sr. for older horses.........I have a soon to be 21 yr old I just got back in August. I had owned him several years and sold him when he was 10. He just was given back to me and I was appalled when he got off the trailer from FL how skinny he was (he looked like a rescue horse - about 70 lbs. underweight). I put him on equine sr. and gradually increased it little by little till he was taking what I thought was right for him (since he's 14.3 hh and not a super big horse). In 3 mos he was his fat and sassy little self again, lol. I am no longer giving him any equine sr. because don't need to, once he got his weight back he hasn't lost a pound. Also, don't oversupplement the horse, this was part of the problem which had happened to my horse. I think everytime he rubbed or sweatted at all (in FL) the lady would run and grab medicine or supplements and give him and too much of all that stuff isn't good! Purina feeds are great it's what I've fed for years. Equine Sr. cost a little extra but it contains Amplify which is a fat horses often need and Amplify helps them put on and hold their weight. My vet had recommended this to me for a younger horse I had and adding the Amplify to his feed helped him look really good a couple of years also.
Hello Janet. This past year I began having trouble with my 23 yr old TB. He was feed purina senior since about age ten, but I swear they changed the formula about three years ago. My other horse too lost weight when I started him on it. I have tried just about every feed on the market. I love Nutrena Safe Choice. I add beet pulp for the Tb and it has been the magic combination. I also added a round of probiotics. Call me and I can discuss with you--we need to catch up too. All my horse are wormed and teeth are fine. Lots of good quality hay is a must.
A good quility hey is very important,several folks mentioned veagtable oil,A-MEN.just ad some to whatever feed you use,I feed corn and GOOD HAY!
Ditto the Equine Senior feed! It works wonder. After the vet check, dental exam, and deworming.


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