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One of our rides that we do is about to be closed down, I'm looking for some new places in the middle tennessee area or not too far to ride. Any suggestions?

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The two places we most often ride are the Twin Forks Horse Trail and Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

The Twin Forks Trail can be accessed in Walter Hill at the dam on Highway 231, at the East Fork Trailhead on Central Valley Rd outside of Murfreesboro, or in Smyrna at Nices Mill Dam. Its 25 miles point to point (not a loop) running from Walter Hill To Nices Mill. The best maintained portions of the trail are going either direction from the East Fork Recreation Area trailhead on Central Valley rd, you can do a nice there-and-back day ride in either direction from that trailhead. http://www.lrn.usace.army.mil/Locations/Lakes/JPercyPriestLake/Recr... scroll down to the third picture, for a trail map and directions. 

Cedars of Lebanon tends to be kind of rocky, and gets muddy in the winter. Its been about a year since I did much riding out there, but last I was there the trails weren't marked very well. They have a a rental stable with horses for short guided rides, but they also allow people to trailer in for rides on their own horses, no charge. http://www.tn.gov/environment/parks/Cedars/features/horseback.shtml

Also Cordell Hull Dam near Carthage TN has some beautiful trails http://tenngreen.org/projects/high-adventure/chequestrian.html has a trail map and directions on their site.

I would love to hear from other riders of places close to Murfreesboro to ride, I love having Cedars and Twin Forks so close, but everywhere else I know of is over an hour away so I would love to find out about some other places nearby to ride!

Thanks! We've heard of the Walter hill one but yet to try it... We do Cordell hull twice a year. Ride at Normandy right now too but they are thinking of closing it. :-(


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