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January 26, 2011 There is an article is in today's Tennessean, on the editorial page, regarding the use of trails in PWP. The author states the need for mountain bike trails and the damage that steel horseshoes make to the trails. There is going to be a series of meetings starting tomorrow at 7 PM. The details are in the article.


The author does not state how he plans to make new trails for the mountail bikes but I assume he plans just to use the existing trails. It's just another one of those ideas where "I want to use what you built for my purposes instead of what you planned".

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Hey thanks Joe.....We need to stay on top of this

I just rode over at Percy Warner Park yesterday.  The park now has a sheet in a wooden box, marked registration, and a sheet of paper where you can write the name, date, phone number, how many horses and how many riders.  Now the phone number deal, does somebody from the Parks Dept. really going to call you and ask if you really were there and where did you ride or what?  I was under the impression the Parks Dept. was more worried about "out of county" folks using the parks than a phone number........In any case, I use the park an average of once a month, and next weekends forcast looks great also, so I might sneak back again.

The thing I was very disapointed in how many hikers where on the horse trails, several with loose dogs, 15 that I counted, did stop and let us by and tried to contain there dogs...I don't have a answer for the problem.  My horses are desensitized to dogs running by after squirrels, but how many miles of hiking trails are there compared to horseback riding?  Come'on folks, we as horseback riders would never think of riding on your hiking trails!!!!!   I guess you can't shame folks into doing the right thing....     

Even though we live in Wilson Co., we have greatly enjoyed riding at Warner for many years.  It would be a shame to lose these trails to hikers.  In my opinion, this has always been an equestrian friendly park.  It has been this way for many many years.  Some of Nashville's best known and most influential horseman, such as the Sloan and Houghland families have kept this park safe for horse people.  It was carefully designed for hikers and horses to co-exist, by having separate trails.  We need to do all we can to preserve this tradition, not only for ourselves, but for the past and future horse lovers.

I would suggest a letter writing campaign from Davidson Co. residents to the Nashville newspapers pleading our case.  I am sure there are many horse riders around that are not aware of what could be happening.

Good idea, Mr. Smith....I think folks need to be informed of the actions of a few...

I just got this in an email from a friend and thought I'd pass it along:


Subject: Warner Park Horse Trails Under Review

I spoke to Tommy Lynch, Interim Director of Metro Parks, this morning.  Usage of the Warner Park horse trails is under review, because bike riders and joggers are asking for more trail access.  While there is no plan to eliminate horse use of the trails, mixed use of the horse trails is under consideration.  Accordingly, the Park Department has a registration sheet at the kiosk at the parking area. 


PLEASE SIGN IN EVERY TIME you ride at the park.  Please do this all year! 


Information requested includes where you are from, and the day and time you are riding.  The Parks Department will gather information for approximately one year and will use it to evaluate usage patterns and to make decisions about whether usage should be mixed and/or if there should be a new trail for other users.  An example of a mixed usage plan would be to permit joggers and/or bikers to use the trails before 10 a.m., and then have horses on the trail after 10:00. 


Please spread the word to everyone you know who rides horses at the park.  REMIND THEM TO REGISTER EVERY TIME they ride at the park.  The trail bike riders are a well-organized group; the horsefolk need to be, too.  Thank you!

Yes, I will be riding over at Percy Warner tomorrow, and will try to remind everyone to sign it.  Thank-you for posting this report.


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