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January 26, 2011 There is an article is in today's Tennessean, on the editorial page, regarding the use of trails in PWP. The author states the need for mountain bike trails and the damage that steel horseshoes make to the trails. There is going to be a series of meetings starting tomorrow at 7 PM. The details are in the article.


The author does not state how he plans to make new trails for the mountail bikes but I assume he plans just to use the existing trails. It's just another one of those ideas where "I want to use what you built for my purposes instead of what you planned".

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Thanks Joe.  Maybe they are going to take the hiking trails from the hikers and use for the new Mountain bike trails. lol

Here is the link to the article:http://www.tennessean.com/article/20110126/OPINION03/101260383/Time...

Joe this is exactly what I was told, last September, by someone that rides there and knows that Director of the park. She said that a group of mountain bikers wanted the horse trails as they are wider and not so up and down. The director was going along with it last year as he was retiring and didn't care. Supposably the Tn Walking Association gave $6000 toward the maintance of the trail as that is what they were using as an excuse- said didn't have money for the maintenance of the horse trail.
It should read the TN Walking HORSE Association!

Well from reading the article comments it looks like the bikes aren't supposed to be on any trail (only the road) in Percy Warner but over at Edwin Warner. Most of them responding don't like the bikes there at all.

Hi Dawn!  You go girl!  I hope somebody can straighten this mess out.  I love riding at Percy Warner.
I made two calls to the Park Board yesterday but could not find out where this  meeting is to be held. They have not returned my calls.



If I'm reading it right It says the Board meetings are usually held at 2565 Park Plaza which looks like it is at Centennial Park. Also states that the next meeting is supposed to be February 1

Finally contacted them---the meeting is at 6:30,PWP Nature Center Hwy 100. Primary topic of the meeting is planing for the newly acquired land.

And it is tonight Jan. 27???


Is there anybody that actually lives there that can attend and see if they are talking Horse Trails again!

Could always email to Tommy Lynch, Director, and ask him. tommy.lynch@nashville.gov   He responded when I emailed him about the horse trail business last fall.

It also says they usually have the meetings at 1:30 pm, first Tuesday of the month.  Your not going to catch me down there if it is a 7:00 pm night meeting. I'm a country girl and I don't like big cities. lol

There is a place at the very bottom below the meeting schedule to sign up to receive meeting notifications.

There was a very short story on the noon news on channel 4 WSMV.  There is a meeting tonight (I did not catch location or time) but the story said it was regarding a newly donated property which will be annexed to the park.  The suggestion has been made to develop mountain trail bikes on it.  There was no mention of converting existing trails for use by mountain bikes. Perhaps more info is available on WSMV.com or there may be coverage on the 5PM news tonight.
Please keep us posted, this is terrible. Horses and bikes do not mix. Fairview Bowie Nature park has Wednesday set aside for horse riders and people on all trails, No bikes.


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