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What is the latest on riding at Percy Warner Park beginning in January?

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As far as I have found out, the "muddy water" has been tabled. A donation from the Tennessee Walking Horse Club has donated $6,000.00 for trail upkeep and keep it open with no additional charges to anyone. However, there is supposed to be a volunteer usage sheet that the park service would like folks to fill out. I believe the main concern is out-of-county folks using the facility, the tax burden is not shared for the park. I live outside of Davidson County also, but I explained that I bought my new truck in Davidson County, buy fuel, hay, feed, tractor parts and etc. My hope is, folks that use the equestrian park, will fill out the information sheets. The Park Rangers need to get a feel for it's usage and how strongly the horse community feels about this great horse park and having it open for us "locals" to enjoy.
This is Dec. 2010 info regarding Percy Warner Park and fees.
Just spoke with another gal that rides over @ Percy Warner Park 3 times a week.......She said nothing has been done.  There is no sign up sheet posted or any other signs or instructions, nothing different than last year.    



Thanks for the information.  We sure do like to ride there when we can't go camping over the weekend!



Hey Diane, I went to Percy Warner yesterday, (Sunday) and rode for about 3 hours.  Several hikers out there, of course, they didn't just stay on their trails.  3 trailers when I got there around one.  Got done riding, 1 different trailer in the lot when we got back.  Nothing done different, they make you stay on the parking lot so the grass won't get messed up.  No paperwork to fill out or nothing and I looked.


Hey Sharon,


Thank you so much for keeping me updated.  Hopefully, we are going to get up there the first pretty Friday or Saturday!


Happy Trails!



Okay, your're welcome..........I would say I could plan to see ya there sometime, but I mosty decide the day of, when I go unless I'm meeting some of my friends once in a while!!

Have fun....



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