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I have a 3 horse aluminum trailer that is in need of a makeover! It is structurally sound and I am very happy with it! I don't want to sell it or trade it just because it's looking a little rough. I have the inside fixed up just right for me. I've asked dozens of people and can't find ANYONE who even knows anything about painting aluminum trailers. I even had one of my trail riding buddies tell me that it would be cheaper and faster to replace the sides! Can that be right?!?!?! I called Select in Shelbyville and couldn't get them to answer the phone so I left a message but they never returned my call. Another guy at work told me to just take it to a regular auto body shop but that just doesn't sit well with me since I had my Camaro painted and they had it for 11 MONTHS!!!!! (ok...they were supposed to do more than just paint it, but man did I get SCREWED!!!) ANY suggestions or referrals are very much appreciated. Oh, and YES.....I had it professionally cleaned with that acid stuff and it looked great...for about 3 months.

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I have a friend in College Grove, TN that has an aluminum trailer they use to haul mini donkeys in.  They've recently had it repainted and the guy did an awesome job.   I've emailed her to get the info from her.  Will post to you as soon as I hear from her.  Lydia Spears, Hohenwald, TN

THANK YOU!!!!! That's a long haul for me, but I can't find anyone to do this......ANYWHERE!!!

I don't see where I emailed you the company's name and phone #.  It's Camp's Trailer Paint in Lavergne, TN   Ph. #615-869-9913

Yes.....I thought you were still looing for the number. I was being patient! lol!! And Lavergne isn't that far from me! THANKS so much!!!!!

I posted the name & phone # that same afternoon.  I have no idea where it went.  Sorry for the delay!


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