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Does anyone around the area do overnight or longer trips with pack horse for hauling supplys?
I know it's more commen out west where the trails are generally much more extensive. I think it'd be an interesting and enjoyable way to spend a week or 2. I'm seriously considering getting equiped.

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Saddle Valley Campground in the Big South Fork do overnight pack trips.
yes, I know about Ed and his trips. I'm thinking it'd be fun to ride up there and join him occasionally, probably take 3-4 days to get there if I rode from home. I'm around 100Mi SW of his place. Just wondering if there's anyone else around who likes to do it on their own. There are so many horses around, I was noticing the other day as I drove around the backroads through 3-4 counties in middle TN, hardly get out of sight of a horse or several and there's more. and so few actually get used seriously. But I'm sure it's generally like my situation has been, life keeps me busy and I have little time to spare, but that's gotta change.
Hey Reuben,
I know a guy who goes into Big South Fork with pack horses, he bought pack saddles and panniers, but that's toooooooooo much trouble for me. I usually carry at least 10-12 bales of hay just for overnight, with all the stuff we haul in, it would take 30 pack horses and a wagon. I'll give him your information.

Hi Reuben, Yes, my boyfriend and I do pack trips. I have been going on them for many years and enjoy packing. We enjoy Big South Fork and the Smokey Mt's. Just did a five day stay in the Smokies in May with friends from Memphis. It is a great way to see more of the interior of the parks. Country Supply has an inexpensive saw buck set made of canvas and we use over the saddle panniers and they are great too.
We don't run into lots of people who pack, but once you get the bug, it stays with you./.... lol
Hey, great! glad there's somebody doing it. But it does seem a little rare in the eastern half of the country. I can immagine getting hooked. It seems Gene Glasscock did anyway, he's done several trips around and across the country sence he retired, the last big one took him to every state capatol in the nation, but I guess he's decided he's getting a bit old to keep riding, he's fixing a wagon to drive instead. I am so countrified I don't like the sound of traffic, never lived where I could hear it and when I try to sleep near it I can't very well, So I may not do too well ridin on roads and camping near them.

I'm working on a car repair job that should make me a few bucks when it's done, I'm hoping it'll finance some equipment, but I have no idea how long it's gonna take to get it fixed, just trying to figure out what's wrong with it now. I bought it for a fraction of it's value as a project to fix and resell, it's a slightly complicated challenging job, an electric car powered by a 3 phase 300V AC motor and a microprocessor controlled 3 phase inverter. I got the battries to take a charge (reluctantly), enough to get the voltage up, but the controller won't come on/boot up. I'm communicating with some experts on a yahoo group dedicated to fixing these things so I'm sure I can do it somehow.
Saddle Valley Campground does great overnight trips in Big South Fork. They carry all your gear and cook the meals so all you do is ride. Ed knows the park well and guides you on trails you might miss. Teresa feeds you well and oversees the moving from place to place. They do several trips a year and take good care of you. That way you don't spend anything on equipment. Check it out on their website, www. saddlevalleycampground.com .
Hi Judy, I used to know an old feller by the name of Keith Sewell but he died a few years ago, lived near fall creek falls park, any connection?
Anyway, yah I like what Ed's doing. and someday I wanna join him, But, A lot of people think it's a fine trip to have someone do everything for them. But I'm fraid I'm so work oriented I think all the work is half the fun. I'd not know what to do if I didn't have to do the cookin and feedin and packin and unpackin and tent settin and everything else. Sit around and be bored? I've always been a "do it myself aholic". therefor I've learned to do so many things it makes life interesting. Besides I figger the more skills i can develop the better prepared I can be for whatever life throws my way.
I've decided I want to get some equipment and develop the skills and knowlege that goes along with horse packing, and I also think I'd enjoy doing some travel that way. So here I am considerin the posibility of packing up and leaving from home to ride all the way up to some destination, just to to do a trail ride when I get there.


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