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Interested in any information on this place.  A few years ago, I heard there was not much riding there.  Recently, I heard there is plenty of riding for a week long trip.  We ride quarters and usually just walk. 

Is there enough riding for 5 or 6 days without having to ride the same trails over and over, and without having to trailer out?

Any tips or information would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Still interested in information on Orchard Cove.  Do any of you know anything about it?  Thinking we may want to try it sometime this coming year, if there is plenty of riding.

I have been going there since they opened, what questions can I help you with? You may want to reply at my mail which is: dale1951@bellsouth.net

Is there plenty of riding for a week without having to ride the same trails all of the time?  Are there several ways out or do you ride out the same way?  We ride quarters and don't get in any hurry.  Thanks.


I have been there twice and loved it. They have a trailer to borrow for different trail heads...

Do you have to trailer to have plenty of riding for a week?  We tend to not like trailering to ride.  Once I get in camp, it is difficult to get me back into a vehicle.  :)

Thanks for the info.


You have 3 days then need to trailer just because of distance...trails are great there and not far to trailer to other trail heads...the hosts are great and will help you also. Need to go at least once...

Thank you!

I am thinking about Orchrad Cove too... how are the trails.. we don't like rough stuff...



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