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Hi all I'm trying to get some opinions here about adults riding ponies. What size is the best for an adult, etc.


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I'm 5'4" and I ride a 14 hand "pony" His body is horse size, he just has short, stocky legs. I love short horses. Much easier to off and on !
It would depend on the size and weight of the person and the size and condition of the pony. I would check with my vet about this. They are much better judges of what a particular horse can handle. Let him see the pony and potential rider in person and in action. The pony could have an underlying problem with his back or leg(s) that would be a problem with an adult riding him. Icelandics and Norwegian Fjords are pony size, but they are very stocky and strong. They would have no problem with an average size adult.
I'm an adult, only 5'2" tall and small. My Hackney pony is 12.2 hands and we're a good fit. I won't let anyone ride him who is much bigger than me though.
I agree that it really depends on the pony. I am 5'7" and a little heavier than I'd like (lol), and my main trail horse is a 14hh QH/Arab cross. He is as stocky as a tank, and I am still probably too big for him, but I have never had any troubles with him, even after miles of trails. On the other hand, I know a girl with a little haflinger cross that I am positive I would break, even though the mare is about the same height.
It has a lot to do with balance, too, which is true for any sized horse. A more comfortable and balanced heavier rider will do less damage than a sloppy 85 lb person.
i have a mustang,paso fino he is 14.3 and 18 yrs old im 5'7'' over 200lb i trail ride him every where i have rode him on trails for 6 hr or more and he is fine he is built like a tank he just wants to keep going up hills,mtn. you name it he will do it
I ride an arab who is 13.3, I am 5'1" and 125 lbs. Add the saddle, and it about 140 lbs he carries around. That is still under (way under!) the "20%" rule. My husband is 6' and rides a 14.1 hand TWH. The TWH is stocky, and has no touble at all carrying him around. Hubby weighs about 190. He is right at the 20% mark in weight capacity, but like I said, Cowboy has no trouble at all carrying him around. I think people over-rate height rather than stockiness.
Why would an adult want to ride a pony? I use to ride a 14.3 hand horse and I loved his size. I wouldn't have wanted one much shorter, and I'm 5.6.
Because sometimes a great "horse" isn't actually a horse...lol!
Would not trade/sell my "pony" for anything! AQHA 14.1 hand stallion. Perfect size for my trail horse, as I am 5'2". I can get off and back on anywhere! The older I get the more I appreciate a "short" horse.
I'm getting a horse that is 14.2 hh and I'm 5'6". So I figure that I really shouldn't have too much trouble with the mounting issues.


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