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So, I've turned over this new leaf to keep my barn clean after spending the past couple days performing a "fall makeover".

What do ya'll use to keep the spider webs from coming back again and again?
What other maintenance tips do you have?

One guy told me he sprayed clorox all over his barn and it kept the spider webs away.

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Haha...I use a broom for spider webs.
Have a place for everything and put everything in its place after using it.
I read an account, I think it was in europe somewhere, where someone moved into a new place and cleaned up the barn real good, then had a plague of flies take over. They asked some neighbors about it and they said the spiders were effective fly control. So they went out and caught lots of spiders and let them loose in the barn. Soon it was full of webs again and the flys diminished considerably. So I never did worry much about webs building up, but I suppose if flys arn't an issue they're not an advantage.
Hey Mike you could spray inside your barn. I just use a broom to take them down. Old Wise tale count how many spider nest you are taken down by then of this month and that will come close to find out much it will get cold, or snow you will get. Hey, my horse is already shedding that means Winter is on it way.
When you spray that stuff becareful not to get it on your hay. My barn is very small, so I got hay in there I would be careful what I would spray. Lucy Eastman
One more thing they do eat flys But this year, I got a fly zapper. It help durning the Summer. Now that it's getting cooler may be I won't need it for a while.

When riding on the trail I take my crop and hold it up like flag to keep the webs out away from my face. But you ever notice a short rider dosen't get all the cobs down before the tall riders. I just think that's terrible on there part! My horse is tall and he get none on him, just the rider get's right across there face!
In another post, I asked why birds in the barn were a problem because we have never worried about them. Come to think about it, I don't notice that many webs in the barn, maybe the birds eat the spiders. Hmmmm
I noticed your Sept 15 discussion on spider webs. I used a friends high blowing leaf blower and that really clean my barn better that it has ever looked. The problem is, it isn't my blower, I been looking for one on craigslist.The spider webs stayed gone for quite a while. But boy did my barn look clean. I just have dirt floors and that really swept out the hall as well. Anybody got a good used one for sale
I remember back when I was less than 16-18 I'd always carry a stick or something when walking in the woods to catch the webs, hated them spider webs. But then something happened. I suppose just having more acerage and spending a lot of time roaming the woods, I got used to them and now it's no big deal, don't even think about it much, just part of living with nature. Besides the spiders that make their webs up there where I catch them arn't the kind that are likly to bite me. The bad ones are hiding under rocks and in reclusive places.


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