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can any one tell me of any news of barefoor horses ,Mine has had NO shoes in 2 years.

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mine have been bare twice that long and going great! much more surefooted than shod horses I have ridden lately or ridden with, especially on rocks and asphalt
You must use a true barefoot trimmer if you expect to ride barefoot. Pasture trim is not barefoot trim. Good mustang roll really makes the hooves stay unchipped. Nora Miller is in your area. Have boots in case you need them. I have Renegades and Cavallo's. Cavallo's are bulky and hard to clean (leather) and use a separate gaiter or vetwrap. I noticed they do have a new redesigned gaiter and boot. Cavallo's have never come off. There velcro is really locked in and stays stuck. Renegades are easy to put on, not bulky, but have to adjust to the horse. Easy to clean but after a while the velcro is giving up and have come off when it is muddy. Friend has Easyboot Edge and they seem to be doing great. Not to hard to put on. Haven't rubbed, gaiter is part of boot and they have stayed on in heavy mud and says they are easy enough to clean. I will be switching to these. One of my horses goes barefoot 95% of the time. I have come across some places that I ride that even the shod horses are moving trying to get off the rocks. I agree about the surefootedness! Much rather be on a barefoot horse on flat rock or asphalt.
Nora's site is www.barefoothorses.net She has a lot of very good info on her site
Barefoot and loving it! Since my horses are in the pasture way more than on the trail, why make them wear shoes all the time? If I ride a really rocky place THEN I put the boots on and we are good to go. My QH wears front boots everytime as his feet are messed up from years of shoes and bad conditions. At least being barefoot, he now has a chance of improving! Lots of good info out there on the barefoot horse! Pete Ramey is a good one to start with.
I have 2 off the track thorobreds and I pulled their shoes and did the barefoot trims. That was 4 years ago and they have not had to wear shoes. I take them trail riding and haven't had any problems at all. I have boots if I need them.
I bought my walker when he was eight (six years ago) & had always been shown in pads. First thing I did was have those shoes pulled and he has been barefoot ever since. I agree that you definitely need a barefoot trimmer. I do have Renegades for rocky areas (on front only) but I'm trying to get away from using them. When I first bought my horse I lived in FL and the eastern part of NC so I didn't have to worry about rock. It has been an adjustment living here but Doc seems to be doing ok.
My horses have been barefoot also it was so hot here this summer so I did not ride much,now that I am riding I wanted to put the easy boot on (I used it one time) and now they are to small WAY to small ,any one have that happen to them?
I kept them in the horse trailer in the box ,clean ,and in a cubbord. Could they have shrunk?? Thanks for any information you can give me.
Happy Trails to you all.
Patricia, Did you continue to have your horses hooves trimmed? Same trimmer? If you didn't, then they could be misshapened. Still have flare in them that needs to be removed. Also if you got the boots when the horse first had it's shoes removed then the hooves could have decontracted in this time and now be more of there correct shape. Do you seriously think the boots could have shrunk?
Yes I have them trimmed every 4 weeks and I have the same man who convinced me to go barefoot,he was a suprised also, so any one need a just like new boot (easy boot) size 0

I will get a new pair,any one have a set for sale or trade? Or what kind do you all recomend? Thank you


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