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I went to a seminar Wed night on the latest worm research. I found out my Dad and I were right! We have never done this every 2 month thing. Worms have now become 'power bugs', like bacteria and are resistent. The summary is:

1. Do not worm if not needed.
Do fecal count on all horses twice a year and only worm those who need.
2. Good pasture maintenance
Do not have too many horses/acres
Rotate pastures
Lime and fertilize (lime will kill those it touches)
Either pick up manure or let lie, do not spread (only spreads worms)
Worms die in 3-4 wks in summer, but can live 6 months or longer in winter
3. Increase nutrition
should be 11-12% feed, pasture, hay
add loose minerals to diet

I probably forgot a few things and hopefully others who were there will add to this. It was stressed we are only 5 yrs away from not having a worm med that works at all. We have to change now!
Blessings, Linda Grajewski

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www.aaep.org - American Association of Equine Practitioners, is a great site with more information then you will ever need. It is a professional site for Vets, but have a section specifically for horse owners. The new worming protocal is posted. Sign up for the email updates.
Linda....we use Strongid C2X daily dewormer and paste deworm once a year when we vaccinate......we do random poop checks throughout the year and have not had any problems....did they discuss a daily dewormer regime at all? Just curious...thanks, Deb
Deb, they did not recommend daily worming. Said it contributes to the resistance problem. Think like, antibiotics and bacterial infections. Do not use unless needed.
Blessings, Linda
I think they said that about ivermectrin 25 years ago or better when in was injectable only, we are still using it!
I agree on the maintenance and I don't worm every 2 months either more like every 3-4 months. don't have access to vets, so worm about 4 x a year and rotate. I was told to use Zimectrin Gold at least once a year, but it is the only time I see worms in my manure is the worming after I use the Gold. anyone have any thoughts on this?

I rotate wormers and use ivermectrin 2 x a year at least.


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