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I went to a seminar Wed night on the latest worm research. I found out my Dad and I were right! We have never done this every 2 month thing. Worms have now become 'power bugs', like bacteria and are resistent. The summary is:

1. Do not worm if not needed.
Do fecal count on all horses twice a year and only worm those who need.
2. Good pasture maintenance
Do not have too many horses/acres
Rotate pastures
Lime and fertilize (lime will kill those it touches)
Either pick up manure or let lie, do not spread (only spreads worms)
Worms die in 3-4 wks in summer, but can live 6 months or longer in winter
3. Increase nutrition
should be 11-12% feed, pasture, hay
add loose minerals to diet

I probably forgot a few things and hopefully others who were there will add to this. It was stressed we are only 5 yrs away from not having a worm med that works at all. We have to change now!
Blessings, Linda Grajewski

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Thanks for the info. Linda
Did they say anything about daily dewormers?
And who put on the seminar? Where is the research coming from?

My vet recommends the daily dewormer, plus paste worming every 6 months.
Or, paste worming every three months if you don't do the daily dewormer.

I guess without a fecal you won't know if your worming program is doing what you want it to.
Linda, Thanks for the summary on the "parasite resistance" seminar. I had an invitation to go,but wound up having to miss it!!! So I'm glad you put it out there for everybody. Thanks again,Audrey
Said DO NOT give daily wormers. This is increasing the resistance problem. Research was broad based and some from UT. Very well documented. Our Vet was present and he said he was having to apologize for he had been giving wrong information also. Said think of a wormer as the same as an antibiotic. You only give it to the ones who need it. Please pass the word. Said there is no new wormer coming down the pipeline at present and we can be in serious shape in as soon as 5 yrs if we do not change.
Blessings, Linda
Lots of folks in the endurance community believe daily wormer increases the risk of colic- I think the if "if it's not broke don't fix it approach" as in do the fecal counts and worm accordingly is best. There are "do it yourself" fecal count kits online-you can collect and send samples off in the mail if your vet's not willing to run it for you.
Linda, I still worm 4x a year like always. I recently got an older horse from FL (I owned him when he was ages 5-10, he's now 20).........I was shocked at how thin he had gotten. The lady said she wormed him like every 6 weeks plus everytime he rubbed or anything I think she ran and got the medicine bottle. I believe horses should be treated like the animals they are, not over medicated, same as with the wormer. He's gained 30 lbs. since coming here end of August and hopefully can get 30 lbs. more on him and get back to riding him in the Spring. I believe worms are no different from other pests, flys, ect. they do get resistant and less is better in a lot of cases. If you don't have a problem, don't treat it because you can only cause problems (it's mostly a fear issue). I found your post interesting and it just reinforces my thoughts.
I just bought a years supply of worm medications for both my horses from Valley vet...Crap!
put the extras on Craigslist-or the tack sale in Franklin next weekend!
I have a horse that has never had a worm in his life he is 11 years old. Some people think vets know it all, THEY DON'T! Most of them don't think natural healing works cause they have never tried it so they say it does not work. I have used a natual dewormer on my other horse and it works great! She has not had worms in 2 years. Have your horse tested don't put poison in them unless there is no other way. I specialize in natural skin care in dogs and the natual way works!!!! Everyone should pull up this web site: thenatualhorsevet.com and this one for dogs: natualrearing.com If you truely love your animals you will want to do the best for them.........Thanks
I triedl going to the website you listed but it did not come up, so I googled but found one that was the natural vet, is this what you meant?
Yes that is the right one, his name is Dr. Dan Moore. Everything I have used of his has worked wonderful. He has a Q and A you can write to him and he gets back with you with in minutes. I don't know why you couldn't pull him up cause I checked the address and it is right. Thanks
The only way to know if your worming program works is to have fecal counts done. I just did this, and all mine are negative. They have been on daily wormer for years. It seems to be working great!

Don't forget to wait until after the first frost to give your horses their paste wormers.
I have to agree with the worming i think they need it but maybe not as often maybe three times a year but rotating the wormer your using. i work in the medical field and i think mainly the problem starts because the most common and favorite antibotics are being used all the time instead of rotating different ones. i think that maybe part of the problem with the horses and wormers we maybe using them to often and not rotating like we should i just don't think it would be health to totally not worm them unless they test for worm by the time you test and get the results they may become really ill. just my thoughts


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